Writing Dialogues

Writing Dialogues 2

21. A dialogue between you and your friend about the importance of tree plantation.

Myself: Hello Rahim, how are you?

Rahim: I am fine, and you?

Myself: I am fine too. 

Rahim: But where are you going so fast?

Myself: I am going to join a seminar on ‘plant more trees’.

Rahim: O, I see. But can you tell me why we need more trees?

Myself: Of course. Trees are our best friends. They provide us with food, wood, medicine, clothes etc. 

Rahim: Can they help us in any other way?

Myself: Yes, they take in Carbon-dioxide and produce Oxygen. Without Oxygen we cannot live for a single moment.

Rahim: Are trees important for us in any other way?

Myself: Yes. Trees protect us from storm, cyclone, flood and drought. They also prevent soil from being erosion.

Rahim: But men are cutting down trees at random. Doesn’t it have any harmful effects on us?

Myself: Sure. For the lack of trees, the temperature will increase. If there are no trees, there will be no rainfall and our country will turn into a desert. As a result, all living beings will be extinct from the world.

Rahim: Now I clearly understand that trees are very important for us. So, thank you very much.

Myself: You are welcome.

22. A dialogue between your friend about how to speak English fluently.

Myself: Hello friend, how are you?

My friend: I am so so. And you?

Myself: I am fine. But you look so sad today, why?

My friend: Because my father has scolded me for my weakness in speaking English. Would you please tell me how I can speak English fluently?

Myself: Of course. To speak English fluently at first, you have to increase your stock of words. You also have to know the rules of tenses and the structures of sentences.

My friend: What should I do after that?

Myself: Then you have to try to communicate in English as far as possible. In this respect I can suggest you to communicate in English in your English classes. In your daily work you also should try to use English.

My friend: But I make a lot of mistakes when I speak in English. 

Myself: You may make some mistakes at first. But it does not matter. You must learn through mistakes.

My friend: Can I practise any other way?

Myself: Sure. It will be better if you join our English Language Club. Here you will find much scope to practise speaking.

My friend: Can I take the help of radio or television?

Myself: O, yes. It will be a great help to you if you listen to the news on radio and television. In this case, you can listen to the news of BBC, CNN and other TV Channels.

My friend: Thank you for your valuable suggestions.

Myself: You are welcome.

23. A dialogue between you and your friend about the importance of reading newspaper.

Myself: Hello Rahim, how’re you?

Rahim: I’m fine, and you?

Myself: I’m fine too.

Rahim: But what are those papers in your hand?

Myself: O, it’s today’s newspaper. Don’t you read newspaper daily?

Rahim: I read newspaper daily. I think it is very important for us all.

Myself: You’re right. We can know the daily happenings of home and abroad by reading newspaper.

Rahim: It is true. But we can also get the news of games and sports, trade and commerce, science and technology etc. through newspaper.

Myself: I agree with you. But it is important for the students for another reason.

Rahim: Will you tell me what it is?

Myself: Of course. At present every newspaper publishes a page or two for the students. The problems of different subjects are discussed here. We can learn many things from there.

Rahim: Yea. Besides these, we can know about the policy of the government and the opinions of the expert through newspaper.

Myself: We can also know about job vacancy, goods of different companies, flat for sale, flat to let etc. through newspaper.

Rahim: You’re right. In this way newspaper can help us enrich our knowledge.  Thank you very much.

Myself: You are welcome.

24. A dialogue between yourself and the science teacher at your school about setting up a computer club.

Myself: Good morning, sir. How’re you?

Science teacher: Good morning. I’m fine. What about you?

Myself: I’m fine too. But sir...........

Science teacher: Do you have any problem?

Myself: No, sir. But I want to talk about a matter.

Science teacher: Please, tell me without hesitation.

Myself: Sir, ours is an age of science and technology. But there is no computer club in our school. We urgently need a compute club.

Science teacher: Computer club! It’s an excellent idea. Computer has become a part and parcel of our day-to-day life. We can not think of a single day without computer. Its use is unlimited now.

Myself: I fully agree with you, sir. To build up a good career in any field we must have good command over computer. If we want to cope with the preset world, we must learn computer.

Science teacher: You’re right. But we’ve some problem. To set up a computer club we need some computers, modem or internet connection and furniture. Where shall we get so much money?

Myself: Sir, form this year all the students are paying Tk. 20 per month for computer purposes.

Science teacher: Oh! I’ve forgotten it completely. Now I can remember that we have sufficient money to buy computer and other things. But we also have another problem. To set up a compute club we need a suitable room. Is there any such room in our school?

Myself: Yes, sir. There is a big unused room just beside our science laboratory. We can use it as our computer club.

Science teacher: You’re right. It will be very nice if we have this room. But at first I have to talk to our Head Teacher.

Myself: Please, talk to the Head Teacher just today, sir. I think he will not disappoint us.

Science teacher: Don’t bother about it. Our Head Teacher always patronizes all to use science and technology in every sphere in life. I hope we’ll be successful to set up a computer club with in a few days.

Myself: Thank you very much, sir.

Science teacher: You’re welcome.

25. A dialogue between you and your friend Apu about the bad effects of illiteracy.

Myself: Hi Apu, how’re you?

Apu: I’m fine and you?

Myself: I’m fine too.

Apu: But where’re you going so fast in the evening?

Myself: Sorry friend, I’ve forgotten to tell you that we have opened a night school. I’m going to teach the illiterate people there.

Apu: You’re certainly doing a great job. I think illiteracy is the greatest problem in Bangladesh.

Myself: I also think so. Illiteracy is the root cause of ignorance. It frustrates all the development efforts of the government and the community.

Apu: You’re right. But I think it’s also the bar to build up an educated nation. Because of illiteracy many parents do not send their children to school. They engage their male children to work for money. Some also think that educating girls is nothing but wastage of time and money.

Myself: Not only that, illiteracy is the cause of all social evils. Social problem like superstition, over population growth, health problem, early marriage, polygamy, dowry, etc. are the result of illiteracy.

Apu: I fully agree with you. Besides these, illiteracy hinders our economic development.

Myself: You’ve mentioned a very important point. Because of illiteracy, most people remain unskilled. These unskilled people can not get good job either in our country or in the foreign countries. As a result, they can not contribute much to our national economy. 

Apu: Actually, they are the burden to our society.

Myself: So, we have to work hand in hand to remove illiteracy from our country.

Apu: You’re right and I think you’re doing the right thing. I’ll not waste your valuable time. Thank you very much.

Myself: You’re most welcome.

26. A dialogue between myself and my friend about our schools.

Myself: Hi Rina, how are you?

Rina: I’m fine and you?

Myself: I’m fine too.

Rina: But where are you going?

Myself: I’m going to school now?

Rina: I have heard that your school very famous. Will you please tell me about your school?

Myself: Our school is a very big and nice one. We have a big four-storeyed building and an auditorium. There is another building for the Headmistress and other teachers. There is also a large play ground in front of our school. But what about yours?

Rina: Our school is also very nice. We have two buildings. But we have no auditorium like yours. 

Myself: How many students read in your school?

Rina: Our school is a small one. Only 250 girls read in our school. What is the number in your school?

Myself: About 2400 girls read in our school. 

Rina: Oh, what a big school yours is! But how many classrooms are there?

Myself: There are 25 classrooms. What about yours?

Rina: We have only 13 classrooms. What is the number of teachers in your school?

Myself: The number of teachers is our school is 56. What about you?

Rina: There are 15 teachers in our school. How is the result of your school?

Myself: The result of our school is very good. A lot of students get GPA 5 in the PSC, JSC and SSC Exams every year. Many of them also get scholarship. 

Rina: The result of your school is certainly very good. But the result of our school is not so good. I’m afraid I may cut a sorry figure in the public exams.

Myself: Please, don’t get frustrated. Work hard and you will surely cut a good figure in the exam.

Rina: Thank you very much.

Myself: You’re most welcome.

27. A dialogue between yourself and your friend about your aim in life.

Myself: Hello Rahim, how are you?

Rahim: I’m fine and you?

Myself: I’m fine too.

Rahim: But you seem thoughtful today. What are you thinking about?

Myself: Oh, actually I am thinking about my aim in life.

Rahim: Then, have you fixed any aim in life?

Myself: Of course. Every man should fix his aim in his early life and work accordingly.

Rahim: Oh, that’s great! But what is your aim?

Myself: I want to be a doctor in future.

Rahim: But why do you want to be a doctor?

Myself: Because I want to serve the people of my village and the countrymen.

Rahim: Will you please explain it a little more?

Myself: Oh sure. You know most of the people of our country are very poor. They cannot see a good doctor for want of money. As a result, many of them die for want of proper treatment.

Rahim: In that case how can you help them?

Myself: After completing MBBS course I shall set up a charitable dispensary in my locality. I will treat the sick people there and give medicine to the poor people free of cost.

Rahim: That is a very good idea. I appreciate your aim. Wish you all the best.

Myself: Thank you very much.

Rahim: You are most welcome.

28. A dialogue between myself and my fried about the importance of learning computer.

Myself: Hello Roni, how’re you?

My friend: I’m fine and you?

Myself: I’m fine too.

My friend: But where’re you going now?

Myself: I’m going to attend a computer class in our Computer Lab.

My fried: You’re certainly doing a great job by learning computer. Computer is very important in every sphere of our life now, isn’t it?

Myself: I always think so. Computer is useful to us in many ways. We can get all sorts of information form any corner of the world by using computer. We can also send messages to the furthest corner of the world by using it. So, if we want to cope with the modern world we must learn computer. 

My friend: You’re right. We can also read books, newspaper, magazines, journals by using internet which is based on computer.

Myself: Besides, computer has become an inseparable part of all office works. All government and private offices now use computer. So, to get a good job and to do any office work quickly and efficiently we must learn computer well.

My friend: I agree with you. But computer is used in the education sector too. The teaching and learning activities have now become fully dependent on computer. 

Myself: Not only that, all activities of schools, colleges, universities and education boards are done through computer and internet at present. Getting admission into an institution, doing the work of registration, form fill up, publication of the results etc. are done through computer. In order to do all these things properly we have to learn computer.

My friend: It is true. But computer is used in the medical sector too. All the hospitals and clinic now use computer to diagnose a disease and in the operation theatre. So, the work of a doctor and a medical technician has become impossible now without the knowledge of computer.

Myself: You’re right. Along with these, compute is used in the field of agriculture too. The agriculturists have produced many hi-breed and harsh climate tolerant crops with the help of computer.

My friend: In a word, computer is used in every sphere of our life and your decision to learn computer is really commendable. So thank you very much.

Myself: You are welcome.

29. A dialogue between you and your friend about the importance of education.

Myself: Hello Rana, how’re you?

Rana: I’m fine and you?

Myself: I’, fine too. But you seem thoughtful today. Will you please tell me what’re you thinking about?

Rana: I’m actually thinking about the importance of education. 

Myself: It’s really a very serious matter. Education is necessary in every sphere of our life, isn’t it?

Rana: I also think so. The importance of education is immense in human life.

Myself: You’r right. An important thing in our life is knowledge about various things. It is only education which can give us proper knowledge about anything. We have to do a lot of works everyday and we can do it successfully if we can earn knowledge through education. 

Rana: I agree fully agree with you on this point. Education is necessary for all kinds of jobs too. A person who has good education can get a good job and earn well. 

Myself: It’s true not only in the field of jobs but also in other occupation too. Even a businessman, a farmer, a fisherman, the owner of a farm can be successful in his occupation if he is educated.

Rana: It’s true. Besides these, education makes us conscious about various things. If a man is educated, he becomes conscious about health, sanitation, pollution etc. and as such he can do the right thing.

Myself: Actually, education develops a man internally. It removes all sorts of evils from the mind of a man. Education makes a man free from ignorance, superstitions, narrowness and backwardness and in this way, education makes real man. Such an enlightened man can enlighten the whole society by removing all evils from the society.

Rana: Right. Education also helps a man possesses all noble qualities. A truly educated man is honest, sincere, punctual, industrious, truthful, pious, kind and so on. He does not deceive or cheat others and helps other in times of danger. Thus, an educated man is as asset to the society.

Myself: Education also make a man a good citizen. An educated man obeys the laws, pays taxes and works for the welfare of the country. Thus he can do his duties and responsibilities properly to the country. 

Rana: Along with these, an educated man is conscious about the affairs of the country. He helps the govt. to lead the country to the right path by expressing his valuable opinions. Moreover, he stands by the countrymen if the country faces any danger.

Myself: I agree with you. From our discussion one thing is clear and it is that the importance of education has no end. So, thank you very much.

Rana: You’re most welcome.

30. A dialogue between two friends about their hobby.

Rahim: Hello friend, how are you?

Myself: I’m fine and you?

Rahim: I’m fine too. But what are you doing here so early in the morning?

Myself: I’m working in my garden.

Rahim: Oh, what a beautiful garden yours is! Who helps you in your work?

Myself: I myself do everything. But my parents and my younger sister sometimes help me.

Rahim: When do you work in it?

Myself: I always work in the evening but sometimes I work in the morning too.

Rahim: But what kind of flower do you plant in your garden?

Myself: I usually plant the rose, the, marigold, the sunflower, the dalia, the champa, the jui, the beli, the kamini, the hasnahena, the rajanigandha etc.

Rahim: But do you only plant flowers in it?

Myself: No, besides different flowers, I also plant vegetables in one corner of my garden.

Rahim: But does your hobby help you in any way?

Myself: Yea. It helps me in many ways. It takes me away from the monotony of daily work and refreshes my body and mind. My joy knows no bounds when I see beautiful flowers tossing in the gentle breeze. It keeps me healthy too. Besides, it supplies our family with fresh vegetables. 

Rahim: Your hobby is certainly very good. 

Myself: Thanks for your appreciation. But what is your hobby?

Rahim: My hobby is stamp collecting.

Myself: But why have you chosen stamp collecting while there are many others things to do?

Rahim: I think stamp collecting is very interesting and useful. It gives me much pleasure when I can collect a new stamp. Besides, it increases my knowledge about the history and culture of a country.

Myself: How many stamps have you collected so far?

Rahim: I have already collected about two hundred stamps of fifty countries. You can see them if you like.

Myself: I’ll see them later on. But I am to finish my work now. So, thank you very much.

Rahim: You are most welcome.

31. A dialogue between myself and my fried about an interesting book.


Myself: Hi Rahim, how’re you?

My friend: I’m fine and you?

Myself: I’m fine too.

My friend: But what is the book in your hand?

Myself: Oh! It’s Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift. It’s a very interesting book.

My friend: What is the book about?

Myself: It is about Gulliver’s travel to different islands. And many interesting things happen there.

My friend: Can you tell one out of them?

Myself: In his first journey, Gulliver reached Lilliputians’ Island where the people were six inches high. When he wanted to talk with any one of them, he would take him on his palm. After talking Gulliver would leave him carefully on the ground.

My friend: How interesting it is! Please tell me another one.

Myself: Ok. The Lilliputians made Gulliver prisoner. At last Gulliver asked the Emperor to set him free. The Emperor agreed to set him free on one condition. 

My friend: What’s that?

Myself: That’s very interesting. A war broke out between the Lilliputians and the people of Blefuscu. Gulliver had to take part in the war. He took away the fleet of the Blefuscu by walking through the sea. The water of the sea was below the knee of Gulliver.

My friend: What was the cause of war between the two countries?

Myself: It’s is the funniest thing. The breaking of eggs either from the small or bigger end was the cause of war.

My friend: I see, the book is very interesting. I want to read it after the exam.

Myself: You may borrow it when you need it.

My friend: Thank you very much.

Myself: You are welcome.

32. A dialogue between myself and my friend about my visit to a book fair.


Myself: Hi Rahim, how are you?

My friend: I am fine, and you?

Myself: I am fine too. When did you come here in the fair?

My friend: One hour ago. And you?

Myself: Two hours ago.

My friend: Have you bought any book according to your choice?

Myself: Oh! Yes. You know I am very much fond of Humayun Ahmed. I have bought some of his novels. And you?

My friend: I have visited only a few stalls. Let’s go together to the stalls and look for interesting books.

Myself: Yes. I will buy some more new books. Your favourite author is Zafar Iqbal, isn’t he?

My friend: Oh, sure. Let’s go to Kashban Prokashani. There we may get all our cherished books. 

Myself: That’s right. You may meet with your favourite author too. If you meet him, you may have the opportunity of getting an autograph of him.

My friend: Good idea. But I think I am not so lucky.

Myself: May you have this opportunity.

My friend: Let’s hope so.

33. A dialogue between you and your friend about environment pollution.


Myself: Hi Rahim, how are you?

Rahim: I am so so. And you?

Myself: I am fine. But you look thoughtful today. Will you tell me the reason?

Rahim: I’m thinking about environment pollution. All the elements of the environment are being seriously polluted now, isn’t it?

Myself: I think so. Air is the most important element of the environment and it is being polluted by smoke from motor vehicles, mills and factories, railway engines, power houses, and also for cooking food, melting tar etc.

Rahim: You’re right. But think about water. It is another vital element of the environment. Isn’t it being polluted seriously now-a-days?

Myself: Of course. Water is being polluted by industrial wastes, poisonous chemicals, pesticides, unsafe drains, latrines, dumping of oil, food wastes and human wastes etc. 

Rahim: I agree with you. But there is another kind of pollution which people are not taking seriously.

Mysefl: I know it is sound pollution. Now-a-days there is blaring sound from vehicle horns, tape-recorder, mike, microphones etc. and it pollutes the environment seriously. There is another kind of pollution called odour pollution. It is caused by untreated human waste. 

Rahim: But isn’t all kind of pollution harmful for us?

Myself: Yea. Air pollution causes pneumonia, bronchitis, lung cancer etc. Water pollution causes cholera and diarrhoea. Sound pollution damages our sense of hearing and odour pollution causes discomfort to our sense of smell. Besides these, environment pollution is the cause of climate change and it brings about various kinds of natural disaster. 

Rahim: You’re right. But what should we do to prevent environment pollution?

Myself: The best way to prevent environment pollution is to create awareness among people. Besides, those who pollute the environment will be punished severely.

Rahim: I fully agree with you. Thank you very much.

Myself: You’re most welcome.

34. A dialogue between you and your friend about a cricket match.


Myself: Hi Rahim, how are you?

Rahim: I am so so. And you?

Myself: I am fine. But you look somewhat gloomy today. Will you tell me the reason?

Rahim: Because my supporting team India has lost the T-20 Final Match.

Myself: I am sorry that your team has lost. But there are many reasons behind it.

Rahim: One thing is that Sri Lanka won the toss and chose to bowl first.

Myself: I fully agree with you. There was heavy rain before the match and there was moisture in the pitch. So, toss was an important factor in this match. 

Rahim: You’re right. Dhoni turned pale when he lost the toss. He confessed to the commentator that he would also bowl first if he could join the toss.

Myself: But you team lost the game for many other reasons too. Actually, India started the game lagging far behind Sri Lanka physically, mentally and technically.

Rahim: You’re absolutely right. Sri Lanka worked much over the game and they had a definite game plan which India lacked.

Myself: Actually, many surprises were waiting for India from Lankan side. In the second over Matthues came to bowl instead of Malinga. India lost the first wicket very early and they were in the pressure. They could not score expected runs in the first 5/6 overs.

Rahim: I think India made another mistake sending Yuvraj to bat when Rohit Sharma was out. He was grappling and struggling to score runs but in vain. Surprisingly he faced 21 bowls but scored only 9 runs which does not go with T-21 match.

Myself: I think Raina should be sent to bat when Rohit Sharma was out.

Rahim: It is right. But the Lankans applied some technique which was successful. In the last four three over they bowled far outside the off stamps. And for that reason India could not score only 130 runs.

Myself: It is true. But the result of the game may be otherwise if India could bowl and field well. Unfortunately, they failed to do so. To add insult to injury Rohane dropped Sangakara who played the most vital role in the Lankans’ victory.

Rahim: I think the result could be otherwise if Rohane could not drop Sangakara.

Myself: It might be so. But what has happened has happened. There is loss and gain in every game. Don’t bother much about it. Our exam is knocking at the door. Pay attention to your study, please.

Rahim: Thank you very much.

Myself: You are welcome.

35. A dialogue between a tourist and a stranger about finding out a hotel.


Tourist: Excuse me. May I seek your help?

Stranger: Sure. How can I help you?

Tourist: I want the address of a hotel.

Stranger: Perhaps this is the first time you have come to Bangladesh.

Tourist: Yea. I’ve come from USA to visit Bangladesh.

Stranger: Well, there are many hotels in Dhaka. What type of hotel do you want to stay?

Tourist: I want a hotel of good quality.

Stranger: Then I will suggest you to go to Hotel Radison.

Tourist: Does the hotel provide sufficient security to the foreigners?

Stranger: It is the most famous international hotel in Bangladesh. So, don’t bother about anythig.

Tourist: O I see! But how I can go there?

Stranger: It is not far away from here. You can go by bus, rickshaw or CNG. I think it’s better for you to hire a CNG. But be aware of the fact that they demand more than two or three times than the actual hire.

Tourist: By the by, would you please tell me how I can go to visit the tourist spots in Dhaka?

Stranger: The hotel management will make all arrangement for you. They have sight seeing buses.

Tourist: It is very nice of you.

Stranger: May your visit in Bangladesh be pleasant.

Tourist: Thank you.

Stranger: You are most welcome.

36. A dialogue between you and your friend about removing illiteracy.


A dialogue between myself and my friend about removing illiteracy from the country.

Myself: Hello Rahim, how’re you?

Rahim: I’m well. What about you? 

Myself: I’m well too. But you seem thoughtful today. Will you please tell me what are you thinking about? 

Rahim: I’m actually thinking about illiteracy. It is a great problem of our country now, isn’t it? 

Myself: Yea. Illiteracy is the root cause of ignorance, superstition and it is the main barrier of our development. 

Rahim: So, it is necessary to remove illiteracy from the country. Can you tell me what should we do to remove illiteracy?

Myself: At first Govt. should put importance to education sector. There should be at least one primary school in each and every village. At the same time we have to increase enrolment and prevent drop out too. 

Rahim: You are right. But there are some parents who are very poor. They employ their children in work to earn money. 

Myself: In such cases, the govt. should run food for education programme. If the poor students are given some food grains or money every month, their parents will be interested to send them to school. 

Rahim: In spite of that, some parents may not be interested to send their children to school.

Myself: To make such people send their children to school the govt. must make primary education compulsory for all. 

Rahim: Exactly. But can’t we do about the old illiterate people?

Myself: To educate the illiterate, students like ours can open night school in the villages and can teach illiterate villagers how to read and write. In this case different Govt. and Non-Govt. organizations can play an important role. 

Rahim:  I fully agree with you. But is there any other way?

Myself: Yea. I think the best way to remove illiteracy is to raise awareness among people. If people become aware of the bad effects of illiteracy, they will try to educate their children.

Rahim: It’s a good idea. But how can we aware people? 

Myself: Mass media can play a vital role in this regard. 

Rahim: I think if we can do all these things, our country will be free from the curse of illiteracy. So, thank you very much.

Myself: You are welcome.

37. A dialogue between you and your friend about air pollution.


Myself: Hello Rahim, how are you?

Rahim: I am so so and you?

Myself: I’m well. But you seem thoughtful today. Will you tell me what you are thinking about?

Rahim: I’m thinking about air pollution. It has become so acute in our country that we have no opportunity to breathe fresh air.

Myself: You’re right. But there are many reasons behind it. Man makes fire to cook food, make brick, melt tar etc. All these produce smoke and pollute the air. 

Rahim: I agree with you. But railway engines, power house, mills and factories, buses and trucks also cause air pollution.

Myself: Besides these, dumping of waste materials here and there, industrial wastes and burning of trash are responsible for further pollution.

Rahim: But isn’t air pollution very harmful for our health?

Myself: Sure. It causes pneumonia, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. It may even cause cancer which may lead one to death. 

Rahim: We all know it. But what should we do to control air pollution?

Myself: To control air pollution, mills and factories must be set up far away from towns and cities. We also have to develop the system of purifying smoke from mills and factories. Besides, we have to stop burning wastes in the open air. But the best way is to raise awareness among people about the harmful effects of air pollution. 

Rahim: I fully agree with you. Thank you very much.

Myself: You are welcome. 

38. A dialogue between a Headmaster and a student over a transfer certificate.


Student: May I come in ,sir?

Headmaster: Yes, come in.

Student: Good morning, sir.

Headmaster: Good morning. Do you have any problem?

Student: Yes, sir, I want a transfer certificate.

Headmaster: A transfer certificate! Why do you need a transfer certificate now. It is the middle of the session.

Student: My father has been transferred to Dhaka. We have to shift there very soon.

Headmaster: Oh! I see. Can you stay at the school hostel?

Student: Sorry, sir. My father is unable to afford me here.

Headmaster: Do you have any relative here where you can stay?

Student: No, I have not any, sir.

Headmaster: Oh, then, where is your application?

Student: Here it is, sir.

Headmaster: Have you cleared off your tuition fees?

Student: Yes, sir. Here is the receipt.

Headmaster: Meet the clerk.

Student: Thank you, sir.  

39. A dialogue between a TV Reporter and a student who scored GPA-5 in the JSC / SSC Exam.


Reporter: Welcome to our studio. Please sit down.

Student: Thank you.

Reporter: What’s your name, please?

Student: I’m Anik.

Reporter: Would you mind telling something about your result.

Student: I scored A+ in all subjects in the JSC / SSC Examination this year.

Reporter: What’s the secret of your success?

Student: I think, it is hard work. I studied eight hours a day. That helped me much.

Reporter: Did you read only the selected questions?

Student: No, I studied everything on our syllabus.

Reporter: Did you take any special coaching?

Student: No, I studied at home.

Reporter: Who inspired you in your studies?

Student: My parents and the teachers, specially my English teacher inspired my much.

Reporter: What is your future plan?

Student: I want to be a doctor/ an engineer.

Reporter: Thank your for coming to our studio.

Student: Thank you very much. 

40. A dialogue between Kamal and a stranger whose pocket has been picked.


Stranger: Excuse me.

Kamal: Yes, what is your problem?

Stranger: My pocket has been picked. I have come to Dhaka from Khulna but now I have no money to pay for the return journey.

Kamal: It usually happens in Dhaka. Now how can I help you?

Stranger: It will be a great help for me if you can lend me Tk.500. I can pledge my watch for the money.

Kamal: Oh, don’t say that. I can spare Tk. 500.

Stranger: Tk.500 is enough for me.

Kamal: Please take Tk. 500. I know you need more than that.

Stranger: I never thought that a good man like you live in Dhaka.

Kamal: Some day I may be in your situation.

Stranger: Please, give me your name and address card.

Kamal: Why? Do you want to return the money?

Stranger: I will be happy if you allow me to return it.

Kamal: You don’t have to return it.

Stranger: Well, please visit Khulna. My family will be very pleased to receive your family at our house. Here is my address card.

Kamal: Thank you . If I visit Khulna, I will meet you .