Sentences Quiz

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  • Learner Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Exam TypeOnline MCQ
  • Exam Code: SENTENCE0115
  • Number of Questions: 15
  • Full Marks: 15

This quiz tests what you learned on the Sentences page. Some of the questions are easier, some are more difficult. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer! Don’t use any books or websites to help you – the idea is to find your natural level! 

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Q1. What is a simple sentence?
A small sentence
A one-clause sentence
An assertive sentence
An easy-to-understand sentence
Q2. The sentence, “What a delicious meal!” is a/an-----.
Interrogative sentence
Optative sentence
Exclamatory sentence
Imperative sentence
Q3. Which one is an optative sentence?
Long live our president.
We live in Bangladesh.
What time is it?
What a fool he is!
Q4. ‘May you recover soon’ belongs to-----.
Assertive sentence
Exclamatory sentence
Affirmative sentence
Optative sentence
Q5. Which one is an assertive sentence?
I would like to go out.
How are you?
May Allah bless you.
Leave the place now.
Q6. ‘May Allah help you.’ What kind of sentence is this?
Q7. 'Come with me.' This is an-----.
imperative sentence
interrogative sentence
exclamatory sentence
assertive sentence
Q8. Which one is an imperative sentence?
He is an orphan boy.
Is he an orphan boy?
Please, help the orphan boy.
I pray for the orphan boy.
Q9. Which one is an interrogative sentence?
He reads a book.
Does he read a book?
He will read a book.
He has read a book.
Q10. ‘The wind is unfavourable.’ What kind of sentence is this?
Q11. Which sentence asks questions?
Imperative sentence
Optative sentence
Exclamatory sentence
Interrogative sentence
Q12. Which sentence expresses our strong feelings?
Assertive sentence
Optative sentence
Imperative sentence
Exclamatory sentence
Q13. The predicate of a sentence is-----.
a person about whom something is said
what is said about subject
which determines the subject
a verb
Q14. A sentence must have a-----.
subject and a finite verb
group of words
Q15. A sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete-----.