Sentence Worksheet

Here are some sentence worksheets for beginners.

Mixed-Up Sentences Worksheet 1

Rearrange the words to form complete sentences.

  1. The cat / is sleeping /on the windowsill.
  2. Jumping / in the puddles / the children are.
  3. Climbed / the tall tree / the squirrel.
  4. Flew / high in the sky / the birds.
  5. On the beach / building a sandcastle / the kids are.
  6. Cooking / a delicious meal / my grandmother is.
  7. Swiftly / through the water / the fish swim.
  8. Barking loudly / the dog / is.
  9. Reading / under the tree / the girl is.
  10. Chasing its tail / the playful cat / is.

Mixed-Up Sentences Worksheet 2

Match the words in column A with the words in column B to write complete sentences. 
Column A
Column B
1) Birds
a) giggles a lot.
2) Butterfly
b) is writing math problems on the board.
3) Cookies
c) is cozy.
4) The doctor
d) is driving a big red truck.
5) Teddy bear
e) sing in trees.
6) Grandma
f) is listening to a patient's heartbeat.
7) Baby
g) smells nice.
8) The firefighter
h) flies by.
9) The flower
i) taste yummy.
10) The teacher
j) is baking cookies in the kitchen.

    Sentence or Not a Sentence? Worksheet 3

    Read each group of words. Decide if it forms a complete sentence or not. Write "S" for sentence or "NS" for not a sentence in the provided space.
    1. The big blue sky. ----------
    2. Running in the park. ----------
    3. A rainbow after rain. ----------
    4. The cat sleeping under the tree. ----------
    5. Mom packed a lunch for me. ----------
    6. Climbing a tall mountain. ----------
    7. Playing with my friends at the playground. ----------
    8. The old haunted house on the hill. ----------
    9. The dog jumped over the fence. ----------
    10. My favorite color is green. ----------
    11. Behind the old oak tree. ----------
    12. Mom is baking cookies in the kitchen. ----------
    13. Watching a movie on Friday night. ----------
    14. The train travels across the country. ----------
    15. Slept through the loud thunderstorm. ----------

    Sentence Analysis Worksheet 4

    Read each sentence to divide it into subject and predicate. Underline and write “S” for subject and “P” for predicate. 
    1. The sun shines brightly in the sky.
    2. Emily is playing her guitar by the fire.
    3. Dogs of all sizes chase their tails.
    4. Mom baked a delicious cake for my birthday.
    5. In the quiet library, students read books.
    6. Dolphins swim gracefully in the ocean waves.
    7. The curious cat explores the empty box.
    8. After the rain stopped, a rainbow appeared.
    9. Cars honk loudly on the busy street.
    10. Climbing the steep mountain, climbers face challenges.
    11. Grandma tells bedtime stories every night.
    12. The robot with blinking lights entertains the crowd.
    13. The magical potion in the bottle glows.
    14. Birds sing melodious songs in the morning.
    15. With a wagging tail, the happy dog greets us.

    Sentence Analysis Worksheet 5

    Underline the subject and circle the headword. 
    1. One day a cowboy with a few cows starts to get them to the nearest field. 
    2. On his way, he meets an old wise man with an umbrella. 
    3. The man gives good advice to people.
    4. Villagers from here and there come to him for advice. 
    5. Seeing the man, the cowboy asks him for advice for his future. 
    6. While talking to the man, the cowboy loses his concentration on the cows.
    7. The cows get scattered running here and there in different directions. 
    8. The old man smiles and tells the boy to take care of the cattle before. 
    9. But the cowboy can’t understand.
    10. The wise man tells the cowboy that his present leads him to the future.

    Intermediate Learners Sentence Activity Worksheet 6: Sentence Types

    Identify the type of each sentence: Declarative (D), Interrogative (I), Imperative (IM), or Exclamatory (E).

    1. What time does the movie start?
    2. The sunsets at the beach are breathtaking.
    3. Please pass me the salt.
    4. I can't believe we won the championship!
    5. She went to the store to buy some groceries.
    6. How are you feeling today?
    7. The train to New York departs at 9 AM.
    8. Could you please pass me the book?
    9. Playing the piano requires practice and dedication.
    10. What a beautiful painting!
    11. The weather is perfect for a picnic.
    12. Could you please pass me the salt?
    13. I hope you have a wonderful day!
    14. Have you seen my keys anywhere?
    15. Please turn off the lights before leaving.
    16. What a delicious cake!
    17. May your dreams come true.
    18. Could you please pass the remote?
    19. She sings beautifully.
    20. Will you be attending the party?
    21. Let's go to the beach this weekend.
    22. I wish you all the best in your exams!
    23. The stars are so bright tonight.
    24. Please don't forget to water the plants.
    25. How amazing the fireworks display was!