Present Perfect Continuous

Present Perfect Continuous

The present prefect continuous is a combined form of present tense and two aspects-the prefect and the continuous


Present Perfect Continuous Tense =has/have + been + present participle

I have been watching tv for an hour.
We have been studying here for three years.

Use of the Present Perfect Continuous:

We use the present prefect continuous to describe an action which has started sometime in the past and is still running. 

They have been living in Canada.
He has been working hard there.

For & Since

We use the present perfect continuous with the expressions for + a period of time and since + a point of time

It has been raining for an hour
They have been digging the canal for a week

It has been raining since morning
They have been digging the canal since last Friday


Remember, Non-Continuous Verb is not used in the Present Perfect Continuous. 

Incorrect: They have been loving each other since childhood.
Correct: They have loved each other since childhood.