Present Perfect Continuous

The present perfect tense is a combination of present tense, progressive aspect, and perfect aspect.

What is present perfect continuous tense?

The present perfect continuous is a verb phrase used to express actions that started in the past, has continued for some time, and is still ongoing. It is also known as the present perfect progressive tense.

Form of Present Perfect Progressive

[Subject] + [have/has] + [been] + [base verb + -ing]

Example of Present Perfect Continuous:

  1. She has been studying for hours.
  2. I have been watching tv for an hour.
  3. We have been studying here for three years.

Use of Present Perfect Progressive

We use the present prefect continuous to describe an action which has started sometime in the past, has continued for sometime and is still running. 

  1. They have been living in Canada since 2009.
  2. He has been working hard there.

For & Since

We use the present perfect continuous with the expressions 'for + a period of time' and 'since + a point of time'

  1. It has been raining for an hour. 
  2. They have been digging the canal for a week. 
  3. It has been raining since morning. 
  4. They have been digging the canal since last Friday. 


Remember, Non-Continuous Verb is not used in the Present Perfect Continuous. 

  • Incorrect: They have been loving each other since childhood.
  • Correct: They have loved each other since childhood. 

Worksheet 1

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the verbs in parentheses.

  1. I ___________ (read) this book for two hours, and I'm not even halfway through it.
  2. They ___________ (work) on the project since yesterday morning.
  3. She ___________ (learn) Spanish for a few months now.
  4. We ___________ (wait) at the bus stop for over 30 minutes.
  5. How long ___________ (you / study) for your exam?
  6. The children ___________ (play) outside since it stopped raining.
  7. He looks tired because he ___________ (run) for a long time.
  8. She ___________ (practice) the piano all afternoon.
  9. The chef ___________ (cook) in the kitchen since early morning.
  10. They ___________ (build) the new bridge for several months.
  11. How long _______________ (you/work) at your current job?
  12. I can't come out right now; I _______________ (study) for my exams all day.
  13. She looks tired because she _______________ (paint) her room since morning.
  14. We _______________ (wait) for the bus for over half an hour now.
  15. How many pages _______________ (you/read) of that book?
  16. They're covered in mud! It looks like they _______________ (play) soccer.
  17. He's been coughing a lot lately. I think he _______________ (smoke) too much.
  18. How long _______________ (you/learn) to play the guitar?
  19. She's been very busy recently. She _______________ (prepare) for an important presentation.
  20. Look at the garden! Someone _______________ (water) the plants.
  21. My sister's clothes are wet. I think she _______________ (swim) in the pool.
  22. Sorry for being late. I _______________ (get) stuck in traffic.
  23. The kids are exhausted. They _______________ (play) in the park all afternoon.
  24. How long _______________ (they/work) on that project?
  25. I can't find my umbrella. Have you seen it? I _______________ (use) it all week because of the rain.

Answers: Worksheet 1

  1. have been reading
  2. have been working
  3. has been learning
  4. have been waiting
  5. have you been studying
  6. have been playing
  7. has been running
  8. has been practicing
  9. has been cooking
  10. have been building
  11. have you been working
  12. have been studying
  13. has been painting
  14. have been waiting
  15. have you read
  16. have been playing
  17. has been smoking
  18. have you been learning
  19. has been preparing
  20. has been watering
  21. has been swimming
  22. have been getting
  23. have been playing
  24. have they been working
  25. have been using