Present Continuous Tense

Present continuous is verb phrases like "is going", "are going", etc.


Present continuous = Be (am/is/are) + Present Participle (-ing verb).


  1. I am learning English. 
  2. Mother is helping me.
  3. They are playing cricket.  


  1. I am not learning English. 
  2. Mother is not helping me.
  3. They are not playing cricket.  

Short Form

  1. I’m not learning English. (Not: I amn't learning English.)
  2. She isn’t helping me. or, She's helping me. 
  3. They aren’t playing cricket.  or, They're playing cricket. 


  1. Am  I learning English?  
  2. Is she helping me? 
  3. Are they playing cricket? 

Use of Present Continuous

1. Something Happening Now

We use the present continuous when the action is happening now, at the time of speaking. 

  1. They are swimming
  2. They are not running.
  3. He is making tea.
  4. He is not reading

2. Unfinished Action

We also use present continuous when we are in the middle of an action. We have started doing something, but it is unfinished or incomplete. For example, Bob has met Jack at a bus stand. Look at their conversation. 

Bob: Hi Jack. What are you doing now?
Jack: I am reading an interesting novel.

Jack is not reading the book just at the time of speaking. He has started the action but is incomplete.

3. Scheduled Event in Near Future

We use present continuous to indicate scheduled events in near future. The time of action must be mentioned. 

  1. They are coming home tomorrow. 
  2. We are going to cinema after school.

4. With Always & Constantly

We use present continuous with the expressions ‘Always’ or ‘constantly’ when something boring happens again and again.

  1. He is always coming late. 
  2. You are constantly talking
  3. You are disturbing me

Present Continuous or Present Simple?

We do not use present continuous with verbs of mental activity & stative verbs. We call them Non-Continuous Verbs. They are used in Simple Present.


Wrong: I am loving ice-cream.
Right: I love ice-cream.
Wrong: Honey is tasting sweet.
Right: Honey tastes sweet.
Wrong: He is wanting to learn English.
Right: He wants to learn English.
Wrong: They are fearing tiger.
Right: They fear tiger.

Common Verbs of Mental Activity or State


Feel, see, hear, smell, notice, recognize, want, desire, refuse, forgive, wish, care, love, hate, like, dislike, adore, agree, assume, believe, think, feel, realize, understand, know, mean, suppose, expect, remember, recollect, forget, trust, mind, signify, appear, seem, contain, consist, concern, matter. 


Rule—1: If a verb ends in "E", we drop the "E" and add "-ing". 

  • come + ing = coming
  • lose + ing = losing
  • live + ing = living

Rule—2: If a verb of one syllable has one vowel and ends in one consonant, we double the final consonant and add "-ing".

  • cut + ing = cutting 
  • hit + ing = hitting
  • get + ing = getting
  • put + ing = putting
  • swim + ing = swimming

Rule—3: If a verb ends in "-IE", we replace "-IE" with "-Y" and add "-ing".

  • die + ing = dying
  • lie + ing = lying

Rule—4: We can add "-ing" to other verbs without affective the spelling.

  • say + ing = saying
  • go + ing = going
  • walk + ing = walking


Verb Tense Practice Worksheet 1

Instructions: Choose the correct form of the verb (present simple or present continuous) to complete the sentences. Consider the context and the time frame of each sentence.

  1. She usually ---------- (eat / is eating) breakfast at 8 AM.
  2. Right now, they ---------- (play / are playing) a game of chess.
  3. The sun ---------- (rise / is rising) in the east every morning.
  4. Look! The kids ---------- (swim / are swimming) in the pool.
  5. He (work / is working) as a teacher at the local school.
  6. I ---------- (read / am reading) an interesting book this week.
  7. The train ---------- (arrive / is arriving) at the station at 5:45 PM.
  8. They ---------- (go / are going) to the park every Sunday.
  9. Excuse me, but you ---------- (stand / are standing) on my foot.
  10. The concert ---------- (start / is starting) at 7:30 PM tonight.

Verb Tense Practice Worksheet 2

Instructions: Complete the following sentences using the present continuous tense. Use the appropriate form of the verb provided and pay attention to the subject and the context of each sentence.

  1. She's currently ---------- (read) a book about space exploration.
  2. The children ---------- (play) in the park right now.
  3. We ---------- (have) dinner at the new Italian restaurant tonight.
  4. Look! The cat ---------- (chase) its tail in the garden.
  5. They ---------- (build) a new bridge across the river.
  6. I can't talk at the moment because I ---------- (work) on a project.
  7. The students ---------- (study) for their upcoming exams this week.
  8. He ---------- (practice) the guitar every evening.
  9. She ---------- (swim) in the pool while her brother watches.
  10. We ---------- (wait) for the bus to arrive.

Verb Tense Practice Worksheet 3

Instructions: Complete the story with correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use present simple or present continuous tenses.

A Busy Day at the Farm

It's a sunny day at Green Acres Farm, and all the animals are busy with their daily routines. Let's take a look at what's happening around the farm.

In the chicken coop, the hens (1. ---------- lay) eggs. They (2. ---------- cluck) happily as they (3. ---------- do) their part in providing fresh eggs for the farm.

Over by the barn, the cows (4. ---------- chew) their cud while the farmer (5. ---------- milks) them. The milkmaids (6. ---------- sing) a cheerful tune as they (7. ---------- work) alongside the cows.

In the fields, the sheep (8. ---------- graze) peacefully, and the shepherd (9. ---------- watch) over them to make sure they (10. ---------- stay) safe from any harm. The sheepdogs (11. ---------- run) around, making sure the sheep (12. ---------- stay) together in a neat group.

Near the pond, the ducks (13. ---------- swim) and (14. ---------- quack) happily. Every now and then, they (15. ---------- dip) their heads into the water to catch a tasty snack.

In the vegetable garden, the rabbits (16. ---------- hop) around, and the gardener (17. ---------- plant) new seeds. The plants (18. ---------- grow) are growing tall and healthy, thanks to the care they (19. ---------- receive).

Inside the farmhouse, the chef (20. ---------- cook) up a delicious meal using fresh ingredients from the farm. The aroma of the food (21. ---------- fill) the air, making everyone's mouth water.

As the day goes on, the farm continues to bustle with activity. From the animals in the fields to the farmers and workers, everyone (22. ---------- play) a role in keeping Green Acres Farm running smoothly. It's a place where hard work (23. ---------- pay) off, and the beauty of nature (24. ---------- surround) everyone in a peaceful atmosphere.

Verb Tense Practice Worksheet 4

Instructions: Read the following passage and fill in the blanks with the appropriate verb form (present continuous or present simple) from the options provided in brackets. Choose the tense that best fits the context of the sentence.

A Day in the Park

It's a beautiful day at the park. The sun (1. ---------- shine) brightly in the sky, and people (2. ---------- enjoy) their time outdoors. Children (3. ---------- play) on the swings and slide, while families (4. ---------- have) picnics on the grassy meadows.

Right now, a group of friends (5. ---------- sit) under a shady tree. They (6. ---------- chat) and (7. ---------- laugh) as they (8. ---------- share) stories from their recent travels. One of them (9. ---------- read) a book, and another (10. ---------- take) photos of the surrounding scenery.

Over by the pond, ducks (11. ---------- swim) peacefully, and a few people (12. ---------- feed) them with breadcrumbs. A couple (13. ---------- walk) hand in hand, while a musician (14. ---------- play) a soothing tune on his guitar.

As the day (15. ---------- progress), the park's atmosphere (16. ---------- change). More families (17. ---------- arrive) with their children, and some fitness enthusiasts (18. ---------- exercise) in the designated workout area. The scent of grilled food (19. ---------- fill) the air as vendors (20. ---------- prepare) delicious snacks.

As the sun (21. ---------- start) to set, the park (22. ---------- become) even more magical. The sky (23. ---------- turn) shades of orange and pink, and the city lights (24. ---------- begin) to twinkle in the distance.

Verb Tense Practice Worksheet 5

Instructions: Read the following passage and fill in the blanks with the appropriate verb form (present continuous or present simple) from the options provided in brackets. Choose the tense that best fits the context of the sentence.

A Day at the Beach

It's a sunny day at the beach, and people (1. ---------- enjoy) the warmth of the sand and the sound of the waves. Families (2. ---------- build) sandcastles near the shore, while others (3. ---------- play) beach volleyball further down the coast.

Right now, a group of friends (4. ---------- sit) under a colorful umbrella. They (5. ---------- chat) and (6. ---------- laugh) as they (7. ---------- share) snacks and stories from their recent vacations. One of them (8. ---------- read) a novel, and another (9. ---------- apply) sunscreen to protect their skin.

A lifeguard (10. ---------- watch) the swimmers closely, ensuring everyone's safety. Some children (11. ---------- collect) seashells along the waterline, while a couple (12. ---------- walk) hand in hand, enjoying the ocean breeze.

As the day (13. ---------- progress), the tide (14. ---------- go) in and out, leaving interesting patterns in the sand. More beachgoers (15. ---------- arrive) with their umbrellas and beach towels, ready to relax and soak up the sun. Vendors (16. ---------- sell) ice cream and cold drinks to keep everyone refreshed.

As the sun (17. ---------- set), the sky (18. ---------- turn) into shades of orange and purple, creating a breathtaking backdrop for the picturesque beach.

Answer Key: Verb Tense Practice Worksheet 4

  1. is shining
  2. are enjoying
  3. are playing
  4. are having
  5. are sitting
  6. chat
  7. laugh
  8. share
  9. is reading
  10. is taking
  11. swim
  12. feed
  13. walks
  14. plays
  15. progresses
  16. changes
  17. arrive
  18. are exercising
  19. fills
  20. prepare
  21. starts
  22. becomes
  23. turns
  24. begin

Answer Key: Verb Tense Practice Worksheet 5

  1. are enjoying
  2. build
  3. play
  4. are sitting
  5. chat
  6. laugh
  7. share
  8. is reading
  9. applies
  10. is watching
  11. collect
  12. walks
  13. progresses
  14. goes
  15. arrive
  16. sell
  17. sets
  18. turns