Phrases Quiz

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  • Learner Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Exam TypeOnline MCQ
  • Exam Code: PHRASE3655
  • Number of Questions: 20
  • Full Marks: 20

This quiz tests what you learned on the Phrases page. Some of the questions are easier, some are more difficult. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer! Don’t use any books or websites to help you – the idea is to find your natural level! 

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Q1. The girl with long hair is my cousin. Here “my cousin” is a/ an-----.
a noun phrase
an adverb phrase
an adjective phrase
a preposition phrase
Q2. The train is moving fast enough. Here “is moving” is a/ an-----.
adjective phrase
adverbial phrase
verb phrase
prepositional phrase
Q3. Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, is considered one of the most powerful women in the world. Here “in the world” is a/ an-----.
a noun phrase
an adverbial phrase
an adjective phrase
an infinitive phrase
Q4. Last week he received the amount. Here “Last week” is-----.
Adjectival phrase
Adverbial phrase
Relative phrase
Subordinating phrase
Q5. I want to know his name. Here “to know his name” is-----.
Noun phrase
Adjective phrase
Adverb phrase
Participle phrase
Q6. The central part of a noun phrase is mainly a -----.
Q7. They reached home safe and sound. Here ‘safe and sound’ is a/an-----.
Adjective phrase
Noun phrase
Adverbial phrase
Q8. The book bought from College Street is lost. Here “bought from College Street” is a/ an-----.
an adverbial phrase
a noun phrase
an adjective phrase
an adverb phrase
Q9. He lives in the suburb London. Here “in the suburb London” is-----.
A noun phrase
An adjective phrase
An infinitive phrase
An adverbial phrase
Q10. I am glad to know your success. Here “to know your success” is-----.
Infinitive phrase as an adjective
Infinitive phrase as a post-modifier of an adjective
Infinitive phrase as an intransitive verb
Infinitive phrase as a transitive verb
Q11. We must buy the tickets next week. Here 'next week’ is a/an-----.
Q12. The cat on the mat is fat. Here “The cat” is a/ an-----.
Adjective phrase
Verbal phrase
Prepositional phrase
Noun phrase
Q13. A noun phrase with more than one word can consist of a noun and words that-----.
replace the noun
qualify the noun
identify the noun
signify the noun
Q14. "Life is a walking shadow of death." Which is a noun phrase?
Life is
a walking shadow
walking shadow of
of death
Q15. A verb phrase consists of a main verb and its-----.
auxiliary verbs
phrasal verbs
factitive verbs
state verbs
Q16. "It has been raining since morning." Which is a verb phrase?
has been
been raining
has been raining
has raining
Q17. An adjective phrase can be a single adjective or a group of words built around-----.
an adjective
a single noun
a pronoun
an object
Q18. "A hungry man is an angry man." This sentence has-----.
one adjective phrase
two adjective phrases
no adjective phrases
three adjective phrases
Q19. What part of the sentence is the gerund? ‘The police arrested him for speeding.’
Predicate nominative
Object of the preposition
Direct object
Prepositional phrase
Q20. A prepositional phrase consists of a preposition and its-----.