My Hobby

Write a composition on your favourite hobby.


Introduction: Hobby is the thing we enjoy doing. Every man has a hobby. It gives him joy and pleasure.  

Kinds of hobbies: Different men have different hobbies. Some enjoy singing and some enjoy reading. Again, some like painting and some like angling. But my hobby is gardening. I get much pleasure in it.  

My garden: I have a garden in front of my reading room. It stands on a high land. So, it is never flooded. It is always sunny. So, plants grow well here. There is a pond near my garden. So, I can easily water my plants. I grow flowers and vegetables in my garden. We eat vegetables. Flowers make our house beautiful.  

When I work: I work in my garden in my spare time. Morning and evening are the time when I work in my garden. I also work there on holidays.   

What I do: I myself do everything in my garden. Sometimes I dig the soil and sow seeds. Sometimes I water the plants and give fertilizer.  Sometimes I only look at my garden and enjoy its beauty.  

Why I like gardening: Sometimes study feels boring. Then I go in my garden and work there for some time. It makes me fresh again and I can study better. Moreover, work in the garden makes me strong and healthy. I can also get fresh vegetables and fruits from my garden. Gardening is good for mind also. I get much pleasure when the flowers bloom. The sweet scent of flowers fills my heart with pleasure. So, I love gardening.  

Conclusion: Hobby makes our life colourful and cheerful. It gives us joy and pleasure. But it is not our main business. So, we should not spend too much time behind it.  


My Favourite Hobby

Hobby means one’s favourite occupation. But it is not his main business. It is an interesting means to enjoy our leisure period. It makes our life enjoyable and cheerful. Without it, life becomes dull and monotonous.

Different persons have different choice. Some like gardening, some like painting, some like reading books or travelling, some like catching fish, some like stamp or coin collecting etc. But every kind of hobby has its own value. I am a student of class viii. I have also my own hobby and it is gardening. 

I have a garden beside my reading room. I work in my garden in the morning and in the afternoon. I dig the soil with spade and break the soil with it. I pull out the weeds from my garden. I also level the soil by using a leveler. I have put a strong fence around my garden so that cattle and naughty boys cannot enter into my garden and do any harm to plants. I have planted various kinds of flowers in my garden. They are the rose, beli, sheuli, chameli, shefali, sunflower, marigold etc. In one corner of my garden, I have planted some vegetables. I water the plants in the morning and in the evening. Sometimes, I put fertilizer in my garden. Usually, I spend one hour in my garden.

My hobby is very useful to me in many ways. It removes the monotony of everyday work. It strengthens my body and refreshes my mind. Every day in the morning I feel a great pleasure to see my garden adorned with colourful flowers. My garden then looks like stars in the sky. I am charmed at their beauty and my heart dances with joy when I see beautiful flowers tossing their heads in the gentle breeze. At night when the sweet scent of different flowers comes into my room, it makes me very happy and fills my mind with heavenly joy. Besides, in some evening I and my younger brother walk in the garden and enjoy the beauty of flowers. Sometime I pluck flowers from my garden and decorate our house and my reading room. I also present flowers to my friends on different occasions. Besides these, my garden supplies us with fresh vegetables.

I like gardening for other reasons too. Working in the garden or walking through it is a kind of physical exercise. It keeps me physically strong and healthy. I was sickly in body before starting gardening. But now I am quite healthy. Besides, my hobby increases my knowledge about agriculture. Moreover, it keeps me away from all sorts of evil deeds and thoughts. For all these reasons, I like gardening most.

Thus, my hobby helps me in different ways. It is a great source of joy and pleasure to me. So, everybody should have a suitable hobby his own.