A List of Common Verbs with Suffixes

A List of Common Verbs with Suffixes

Verbs with the suffix ATE

  1. We need to abbreviate the document to fit within the page limit.
  2. The hotel can accommodate up to 200 guests for the conference.
  3. Press the button to activate the alarm system.
  4. The protesters agitate for social justice reforms.
  5. Taking aspirin can alleviate your headache.
  6. The committee will allocate funds for the project.
  7. We alternate between driving and resting on long road trips.
  8. The surgeon had to amputate the patient's leg.
  9. The animator will animate the characters for the film.
  10. I anticipate a busy day at work tomorrow.
  11. I appreciate your help with this project.
  12. She articulates her thoughts clearly in the presentation.
  13. The assassin was hired to assassinate the political leader.
  14. We associate the smell of coffee with mornings.
  15. Let's calculate the total cost of the project.
  16. We will celebrate our anniversary with a dinner party.
  17. The newsletter circulates among employees every month.
  18. Let's collaborate on this project to ensure its success.
  19. We commemorate the anniversary of the company's founding.
  20. Effective communication is key to a successful relationship.
  21. The company compensates employees for overtime work.
  22. Concentrate on your studies to achieve good grades.
  23. I congratulate you on your promotion!
  24. Pollution can contaminate the water supply.
  25. I often contemplate the meaning of life.
  26. Let's cooperate to finish this task ahead of schedule.
  27. We need to coordinate our efforts for the charity event.
  28. The artist will create a masterpiece for the gallery.
  29. Farmers cultivate crops in the fertile soil.
  30. They decorate the house with lights for the holidays.
  31. He dedicated his life to helping others in need.
  32. The scientist will demonstrate the experiment to the students.
  33. The hurricane devastated the coastal town.
  34. Don't deviate from the main topic of discussion.
  35. The dictator ruled with an iron fist.
  36. It's important to differentiate between right and wrong.
  37. Discrimination based on race is unacceptable.
  38. The team dominates the competition with their skills.
  39. Please donate to the charity to support their cause.
  40. The teacher's primary goal is to educate her students effectively.
  41. He asked me to elaborate on my point during the meeting.
  42. The promotion will elevate her status within the company.
  43. We must eliminate all sources of pollution to protect the environment.
  44. In this equation, you can equate x to 5.
  45. Efforts to eradicate poverty require long-term strategies.
  46. Can you estimate the cost of renovating the kitchen?
  47. It's important to evaluate the pros and cons before making a decision.
  48. The heat caused the water to evaporate quickly.
  49. He tends to exaggerate his achievements to impress others.
  50. The magician's tricks never fail to fascinate the audience.
  51. Delays in the project continue to frustrate the team.
  52. Renewable energy sources generate electricity without harming the environment.
  53. Seeds will germinate once they are planted in soil.
  54. She will graduate from university next year.
  55. The patient began to hallucinate after taking the medication.
  56. I hesitate to accept the job offer without more information.
  57. Bears hibernate during the winter months.
  58. The coach's harsh words only served to humiliate the player.
  59. The streetlights help illuminate the dark alley.
  60. The diagrams will illustrate the key points of the presentation.
  61. She tried to imitate the singer's style in her performance.
  62. The new president will inaugurate a series of reforms.
  63. The sign indicates that the store is closed.
  64. Let's initiate a discussion on this topic during the next meeting.
  65. The detective will interrogate the suspect to gather more information.
  66. The alcohol began to intoxicate him after a few drinks.
  67. Scientists are investigating the cause of the mysterious illness.
  68. Loud noises irritate him easily.
  69. The quarantine was meant to isolate the infected individuals.
  70. Soldiers fought to liberate the city from the enemy's control.
  71. Can you help me locate my missing keys?
  72. She likes to meditate in the garden for peace of mind.
  73. Many birds migrate south for the winter.
  74. His inspiring words never fail to motivate me.
  75. The actor will narrate the documentary film.
  76. We need to negotiate a fair deal for both parties.
  77. The committee will nominate candidates for the award.
  78. Engineers operate the machinery with precision.
  79. Scientists study how life forms originate and evolve.
  80. Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities.
  81. The virus can penetrate the body's defenses.
  82. Cities continue to populate at a rapid rate.
  83. He tends to procrastinate when faced with difficult tasks.
  84. Use commas to punctuate the list correctly.
  85. The sun's rays radiate warmth throughout the room.
  86. They reciprocate each other's gestures of kindness.
  87. Laws are in place to regulate the use of natural resources.
  88. The characters in the story relate to real-life experiences.
  89. They decided to relocate to a warmer climate.
  90. The company plans to renovate its headquarters next year.
  91. The Earth rotates on its axis once every 24 hours.
  92. The rain continued to saturate the soil, causing flooding in the area.
  93. The policy aimed to segregate recyclable materials from general waste.
  94. It's important to separate the recyclables from the regular trash.
  95. The flight simulator allowed pilots to simulate various flying conditions.
  96. Without evidence, it's merely a matter of speculation.
  97. Music has the power to stimulate emotions and memories.
  98. She chose to subordinate her own desires to the greater good of the team.
  99. Smoke filled the room, causing him to suffocate.
  100. The article was published by a syndicate of newspapers.
  101. It's not easy to tolerate such rude behavior.
  102. Can you translate this document from English to Spanish?
  103. The child urgently needed to urinate during the road trip.
  104. They had to vacate the premises before the demolition began.
  105. It's crucial to vaccinate children against preventable diseases.
  106. The validity of the research findings was questioned until further experiments were conducted.
  107. After a long day, all he wanted to do was vegetate in front of the TV.
  108. Open the windows to ventilate the stuffy room.
  109. The earthquake caused the ground to vibrate violently.
  110. The evidence presented in court vindicated the defendant.
  111. Speeding drivers often violate traffic laws.

Verbs with the suffix EN

  1. The chirping birds awaken me every morning.
  2. Smoke from the fire began to blacken the sky.
  3. The sunlight began to brighten the room.
  4. Traveling broadens one's perspective on the world.
  5. The loss of a loved one can burden the heart with grief.
  6. The rain started to dampen the ground.
  7. As the sun set, the sky began to darken.
  8. The loud music could deafen anyone nearby.
  9. His words deepen my understanding of the topic.
  10. Reading books can enlighten the mind.
  11. Music has the power to enliven any gathering.
  12. She needed to fasten her seatbelt before takeoff.
  13. Feeding the ducks will fatten them up for winter.
  14. The sudden noise frightened the children.
  15. Accidents can happen when least expected.
  16. Over time, steel can harden into a strong material.
  17. The impending storm hastened their departure.
  18. The excitement heightened as the performance began.
  19. Yoga can help lengthen and strengthen muscles.
  20. Proper rest can lessen the effects of fatigue.
  21. Adding water will moisten the dry soil.
  22. Please open the door to let some fresh air in.
  23. The news of the promotion quickened her heartbeat.
  24. Embarrassment caused her cheeks to redden.
  25. The bananas ripen quickly in warm weather.
  26. Rough handling can roughen delicate fabrics.
  27. The loss of a loved one can sadden the heart.
  28. Sharpen your pencil before starting the exam.
  29. Trimming the bushes will shorten their height.
  30. The flu made him sicken for days.
  31. Heat can soften butter for baking.
  32. The cold weather caused his joints to stiffen.
  33. Straighten the picture frame on the wall.
  34. Exercise can strengthen muscles and bones.
  35. Adding sugar will sweeten the bitter tea.
  36. Stirring flour into the sauce will thicken it.
  37. He threatened to leave if his demands weren't met.
  38. Tighten the screws to secure the shelf.
  39. Lack of exercise can weaken the body.
  40. The road construction will widen the lanes.
  41. Bleach can whiten stained clothing.
  42. Neglect will only worsen the situation.

Verbs with the suffix FY

  1. The microphone was used to amplify the speaker's voice.
  2. Planting flowers can beautify any garden.
  3. The document was certified as accurate by the notary.
  4. Please clarify your statement for better understanding.
  5. Scientists classify animals based on their characteristics.
  6. His actions dignify his role as a leader.
  7. The poor quality of the product dissatisfies customers.
  8. We aim to diversify our product line to reach new markets.
  9. The lightning strike electrified the air with energy.
  10. The success story exemplifies the potential of hard work.
  11. He attempted to falsify his credentials to get the job.
  12. Drinking milk can fortify your bones with calcium.
  13. The hero's actions glorify his bravery in battle.
  14. The horror movie scene horrified the audience.
  15. Fingerprints can help identify individuals.
  16. The strong winds intensify the storm's impact.
  17. Can you justify your decision to quit your job?
  18. The telescope magnifies distant stars for observation.
  19. They decided to modify the existing plan for better results.
  20. Please notify me if there are any changes to the schedule.
  21. The character in the story personifies courage and determination.
  22. Boiling water helps purify it for drinking.
  23. She needs to qualify her statement with supporting evidence.
  24. The error in the report needs to be rectified immediately.
  25. Eating a hearty meal satisfies hunger.
  26. The traffic light's color changes signify different meanings.
  27. Let's simplify the instructions for easier comprehension.
  28. The horror movie plotline is sure to terrify audiences.
  29. Witnesses will testify in court about what they saw.
  30. The treaty aims to unify the divided nations.
  31. Please verify the accuracy of the information before publishing it.

Verbs that ends with suffix ISH

  1. The government aims to abolish outdated laws.
  2. With determination and hard work, she will accomplish her goals.
  3. His magic trick never fails to astonish the audience.
  4. Evil spirits are said to banish at the break of dawn.
  5. I cherish the memories of our time together.
  6. The wrecking ball will demolish the old building.
  7. Her exceptional talent helps her distinguish herself from others.
  8. The company plans to establish a new branch in the city.
  9. After months of hard work, they finally finish the project.
  10. The business began to flourish after implementing new strategies.
  11. The luxurious hotel room is furnished with elegant decor.
  12. Economic downturns can impoverish entire communities.
  13. Healthy eating habits nourish the body and mind.
  14. Without water, plants will perish in the heat.
  15. She polished her shoes until they gleamed.
  16. The author decided to publish her first book.
  17. Criminals must be punished for their actions.
  18. The magician made the rabbit vanish into thin air.

Verbs with the suffix IZE

  1. She agonized over the decision for days.
  2. He apologized for his mistake.
  3. The manager authorized the purchase of new equipment.
  4. Let's capitalize on this opportunity to grow our business.
  5. Scientists categorize animals based on their traits.
  6. The government aims to centralize power in the capital.
  7. His behavior characterized him as a gentleman.
  8. Education helps civilize society.
  9. European powers sought to colonize new territories.
  10. Critics often criticize the government's policies.
  11. The company decided to decentralize its operations.
  12. The play dramatizes the life of a famous author.
  13. She emphasized the importance of teamwork.
  14. Education aims to equalize opportunities for all.
  15. He tried to familiarize himself with the new software.
  16. Farmers fertilize the soil to improve crop growth.
  17. After many revisions, they finalized the contract.
  18. The new law aims to formalize business practices.
  19. The shocking news galvanized the community into action.
  20. The injured soldier was hospitalized for treatment.
  21. The hypnotist mesmerized the audience with his skills.
  22. Romantic novels often idealize love and relationships.
  23. An injury can immobilize a person temporarily.
  24. Vaccines help immunize against diseases.
  25. The artist individualized each painting with care.
  26. Factories industrialize production processes.
  27. The government legalized same-sex marriage.
  28. Let's liquidize the assets to pay off debts.
  29. Local governments aim to localize services for residents.
  30. The dream materialized into reality.
  31. Machines mechanize repetitive tasks.
  32. Students must memorize multiplication tables.
  33. The country began to militarize its defenses.
  34. We should minimize waste to protect the environment.
  35. The government mobilized troops for the mission.
  36. Technology helps modernize traditional industries.
  37. Religious leaders aim to moralize behavior.
  38. Cars motorize transportation.
  39. The government decided to nationalize the oil industry.
  40. Immigrants seek to naturalize as citizens.
  41. Diplomatic efforts aim to neutralize tensions.
  42. Let's normalize relations between the two countries.
  43. She organized the files for easy access.
  44. Milk is pasteurized to kill harmful bacteria.
  45. Some people patronize local businesses to support them.
  46. Personalize your gifts with custom messages.
  47. Political debates often polarize opinions.
  48. The issue became politicized during the election campaign.
  49. Social media platforms popularize trends quickly.
  50. He realized his mistake and apologized.
  51. She recognized his voice from across the room.
  52. The community worked together to revitalize the park.
  53. Scientists scrutinize data for accuracy.
  54. Schools socialize children into societal norms.
  55. They solemnized their marriage with a traditional ceremony.
  56. Universities specialize in various fields of study.
  57. Hospitals sterilize medical equipment to prevent infections.
  58. Can you summarize the main points of the article?
  59. Symbols can symbolize various meanings.
  60. Friends sympathize with each other during tough times.
  61. The terrorist organization sought to terrorize the population.
  62. Cities urbanize as populations grow.
  63. We should utilize renewable energy sources.
  64. Heat can vaporize water into steam.
  65. Criminals victimize innocent people.

Verbs with the suffix ER

  1. She couldn't help but flatter him with compliments.
  2. The candle's flame began to flicker in the breeze.
  3. He muttered something under his breath as he walked away.
  4. Raindrops patter against the window on a stormy night.
  5. The wind scatter leaves across the lawn.
  6. The loud noise caused the glass to shatter.
  7. She shivered in the cold wind.
  8. He uttered a heartfelt apology to mend their relationship.
  9. Lost in thought, she wandered aimlessly through the forest.
  10. Her resolve began to waver in the face of adversity.
  11. They whispered secrets to each other in the dark.
  12. He couldn't answer the question correctly.
  13. The constant noise bothered him during his study time.
  14. Birds cluster together for warmth in winter.
  15. With determination, she set out to conquer her fears.
  16. Please cover the food to keep it warm.
  17. They enter the room with cautious steps.
  18. Coffee filters remove the grounds from the brew.
  19. Friends gather to celebrate birthdays together.
  20. He lowers his voice to avoid disturbing others.
  21. Practice helps you master new skills.
  22. Family matters most in times of need.
  23. Please order a pizza for dinner tonight.
  24. Guests need to register at the front desk.
  25. His artwork renders scenes of natural beauty.
  26. She wonders about the mysteries of the universe.
  27. Nurses administer medication to patients.
  28. The complex instructions bewildered him.
  29. Take your time to consider all options before deciding.
  30. The delivery arrives right on schedule.
  31. Scientists discover new species in remote locations.
  32. They encounter unexpected challenges along the way.
  33. Remember to bring your umbrella in case of rain.
  34. He surrenders himself to the authorities.
  35. Their opinions differ on this matter.
  36. She offers her assistance to those in need.
  37. He prefers tea over coffee in the mornings.
  38. Please refer to the manual for further instructions.
  39. She suffers from allergies during pollen season.
  40. Transfer the files to the external hard drive for backup.