Forming Wh-questions

Here are some worksheets that help kids practice turning statements into "questions." This activity will encourage them to think about statements and questions and how they can use them to gather more information.

Level: Beginner

Question Worksheet 1

Instructions: Read each statement and change it into a question. Use the provided question words and auxiliary verbs if necessary.

  1. The cat is sleeping. (use 'what')
  2. They are playing in the park. (use 'where')
  3. She likes ice cream. (use 'what')
  4. The sun rises in the east. (use 'where')
  5. I went to the store. (use 'where')
  6. They are going to the zoo. (use 'where')
  7. He painted a beautiful picture. (use 'what')
  8. The school bus arrives at 8 AM. (use 'when')
  9. We visited Grandma last weekend. (use 'who')
  10. The bird is singing a sweet song. (use 'what')

1. Person/Name

  1. That is Keya
  2. I am Mashuk
  3. I am Riya Islam
  4. This is Mahbub Alam
  5. Farzana comes from Kushtia.

2. Professions after verbs

  1. He is a teacher
  2. Riya is a doctor
  3. Reshma is a garment worker
  4. Salma was an actress
  5. My father is a firefighter
  6. I am a student.

3. Class

  1. She is in class three.  
  2. Salam is in class four
  3. Mita reads in class 8
  4. She reads in class three
  5. I read in class five.

4. Age

  1. Keya is three years old
  2. Mahbub Alam is 30
  3. She is 50 years old
  4. I am eight years old.  
  5. Riya is 8

5. Place

  1. They are going to the cinema.  
  2. He is from Khulna
  3. I read in Rajbari Primary School.  
  4. I live near the school.  
  5. He was in London
  6. I invite you to my house.  
  7. She reads in Mirpur Primary School
  8. He works in Narail.  
  9. I went to Dhaka last month. 
  10. I’m from India.

6. Time

  1. He has lunch at 1 o’clock
  2. Her birthday is on 14th May
  3. It's very hot in June
  4. We should go to sleep early
  5. The crow gets up early in the morning
  6. She plays it in the afternoon
  7. He watches T. V. every night
  8. Our school breaks up at 3 o'clock
  9. He died in 1994
  10. I go to school at 9 a.m

7. Number

  1. There are five parts in a letter. 
  2. I make three dolls
  3. December has 31 days
  4. September has 30 days
  5. It’s 500 taka
  6. We are five people in my family.

8. Because

  1. Heba's school starts early because it is a very hot country
  2. I’m happy because it’s my birthday
  3. He is absent because he is ill.


  1. Mita is a student of class four.
  2. Salam is in class four.
  3. Ayesha is Mita's friend.
  4. She reads in class three.
  5. He loves Bangla because it is his favourite subject.


  1. Farzana comes from Kushtia.
  2. Jamil is her brother.
  3. Farzana reads in class 4.
  4. Mita is introducing Ayesha to Salam.
  5. Rumi is eating at a restaurant.


  1. Mita and her mother are talking.
  2. She wants to have juice.
  3. She can't take juice because they don't have any juice.
  4. Her mother is cooking dinner.
  5. She is cooking rice and chicken for dinner.


  1. Alex is a British.
  2. He lives in London.
  3. He starts his day at 7 o'clock.
  4. He likes is orange juice very much.
  5. Heba's school starts early because it is a very hot country.


  1. Kajol sends the letter.
  2. Sumon is Kajol's new friend.
  3. His new friend is from Bogra.
  4. Kajol plays cricket.
  5. There are five parts in a letter.


  1. Samin had a picnic a park.
  2. He went with his family.
  3. They ate some sandwiches and fruits there,
  4. He played with his brother and sister.
  5. The traffic was heavy on the way home.


  1. SM Sultan is a famous painter of Bangladesh. 
  2. He was born in Narail.
  3. Sultan loved to paint pictures of nature.
  4. He established 'Nandankanon' for children.
  5. He died in 1994.


  1. Alvi lives in Dhaka.
  2. Alvi and her sister visited Chilmari.
  3. Their village home is situated near the Jamuna River.
  4. They learned many things there.
  5. Chapila fish is delicious.


  1. Moloy is going to Cox's Bazar.
  2. Moloy is going there for a holiday trip.
  3. The girl is not going to Cox's Bazar?
  4. The girl is not sure.
  5. Her village home is in Lalmonirhat.


  1. Moloy is the writer of the letter. 
  2. Jenny will get the letter.
  3. Jenny went to Oxford recently. 
  4. Moloy is going to Cox's Bazar for holidaying.
  5. Cox's Bazar is the longest sea beach in the world.


  1. Reshma is a garment worker.
  2. Her brother's name is Babul.
  3. Reshma starts her work at 8 a.m.
  4. Reshma likes to enjoy cinema.
  5. She works overtime to earn more money.


  1. There was a lion in a forest.
  2. He was sleeping one day.
  3. The mouse made the lion angry.
  4. The lion was in the net.
  5. The lion was very happy.


  1. Ripe mangoes taste sweet.
  2. Sabina cooked biryani for lunch.
  3. He put the basket on the floor.
  4. The students will go to the museum at 10 am.
  5. The old lady left the umbrella.


  1. Riya is a doctor.
  2. She needs some medicine.
  3. I read in class five.
  4. I go to school at 9 a.m.
  5. He is in Dhaka.


  1. The crow felt very weak.
  2. She collects many stamps.
  3. Mahmud went to America.
  4. I make three dolls.
  5. He reads a novel at night.


  1. Jamal is in class four.
  2. He reads in Niketan Primary School.
  3. His younger sister reads in class five.
  4. He is good in English.
  5. He will appear at the PEC exam the next


  1. Salma was an actress.
  2. Karim lived in Sylhet City.
  3. They went to the bus stand.
  4. She works hard to get A+.
  5. He was very happy.


  1. My father works in a hospital.
  2. I could not attend the class for my illness.
  3. I help my mother in the kitchen.
  4. Children love watching cartoon on TV.
  5. My father is a teacher.


  1. She lives in Khulna.
  2. Rina is the best singer of class three.
  3. The journey is enjoyable.
  4. The program will end at 5 pm.
  5. The man is a farmer.


  1. It's very hot in June.
  2. I write on the board.
  3. A plane runs very fast.
  4. A doctor helps people.
  5. Students work hard to make good result.


  1. Maliha is a Bangladeshi. 
  2. She comes from Dhaka. 
  3. The Buriganga river is very big.
  4. In June, July and August, there is a lot of rain in Bangladesh.
  5. Dhaka is a populous city.


  1. A tailor makes clothes.
  2. The students play in the field.
  3. We need water to live on.
  4. They are with their teachers.
  5. A cobbler is mending shoes nicely.


  1. Mrs. Fariha is a teacher
  2. Riya is a student
  3. Riya is 8 years old
  4. Mahub Alam is 30 years old.
  5. Mr. Alam is an English teacher


  1. This is Mahbub Alam
  2. He was in a primary school in Narail.
  3. That is Keva.
  4. Keya is from Khulna.
  5. Mashuk is from Sylhet.


  1. Keya lives near the school
  2. We should eat fruits.
  3. We Should go to sleep early.
  4. Sunday comes after Saturday.
  5. It is the month of January now.


  1. Today is Tuesday.
  2. There are 31 days in the month of January.
  3. February is the next month after January.
  4. September has 30 days.
  5. December has 31 days.


  1. A farmer grows food.
  2. A doctor helps people.
  3. A pilot flies a plane.
  4. A blacksmith makes metal things.
  5. A cobbler mends shoe.


  1. A tailor makes clothes.
  2. A driver drives a bus.
  3. A teacher teaches at school.
  4. The crow lives in a tree.
  5. The crow gets up early in the morning


  1. A cat mews.
  2. A frog croaks.
  3. A duck quacks.
  4. A dog barks.
  5. A goat bleats. 

Answer Key-1:

  1. What is the cat doing?
  2. Where are they playing?
  3. What does she like?
  4. Where does the sun rise?
  5. Where did I go?
  6. Where are they going?
  7. What did he paint?
  8. When does the school bus arrive?
  9. Who did we visit last weekend?
  10. What is the bird doing?