A Village Doctor

Write a composition on a village doctor.

A Village Doctor

A village doctor is a familiar figure in the villages of Bangladesh. He is generally known as a quack. He is able to treat the common diseases of the villagers. So, he is a very important person to the village people.

A village doctor is not much qualified. He has no M.B.B.S. or such other degree. He simply works as a compounder of an M. B. B. S. doctor. In this way he gathers general knowledge about common diseases and their treatment. He can push injections, stitch wounds and bandage broken hands, legs or fingers.

After gathering some experiences about the treatment of the patients, a village doctor opens a dispensary in the village market or bazar. His dispensary is small and looks poor. There is one or two almirah with a small stock of medicine. He has a chair and a table for his own use and a bench for the patients. He has no compounder to help him.

A village doctor spends a very busy day. He opens his dispensary in the morning. Patients come to him from nearby villages. He listens to them, checks them up and prescribes medicine. If the medicine is in his stock, he gives it to them. Finishing his work in the dispensary, he goes out to attend calls. He often uses bicycle to go to his patient’s house. He returns home past mid-day and has his meals. Then he takes rest for some time. In the afternoon he again opens his dispensary and gives treatment to his patients. He closes his dispensary late at night. 

A village doctor is a very popular person in the villages. He treats most of the diseases of the villagers. But he takes very small fees from the patients. If the patient is very poor, he does not take any fees at all. Rather he gives him/her medicine free of cost. Besides, he is always ready to attend any call. If the condition of the patient becomes critical, he even goes to treat him/her even at mid-night. Moreover, he makes the villagers aware of health, sanitation etc. 

A village doctor is a very useful person to the villagers. He is a friend, advisor and guide to them. He takes care of the health of the village people. So, steps should be taken to give proper training to him.