Value of Time

Write a composition on the value of time.

The Value of Time

Since the creation of the universe time is passing on and on. It knows no pause on its course. In the midst of the ceaseless onward march of time, man comes in this world for a short time. Within this short time man has to do a lot of duties and responsibilities to make himself honourable and memorable in the world. So, in order to make his life successful and meaningful he must make the best use of time.

As time is fleeting by nature, its importance cannot be described in words. No other thing in the world is as valuable as time. A man can get back his lost health, wealth, honour and dignity but time once gone can never be regained. A millionaire can buy everything with his vast wealth. But he cannot buy even a single moment with all his wealth. So, all of us spend every hour of our life properly.

Every work of our life should be done in proper time. Every moment of our life should be used effectively. No one can shine in life by neglecting time. If a farmer does not sow seeds in time, he cannot reap anything in the harvesting period. If anyone leaves his work for tomorrow, he may not find interest to do it later on. As a result, his work may not be done at all. So, no work should be left for tomorrow.

The value of time in student life beggars description. Student life is called the seed time of life. It is the time to acquire knowledge and the noble qualities like honesty, truthfulness, courtesy, punctuality etc. But if a student neglects his time in idleness, he can acquire nothing. On the other hand, if a student makes the best use of his time, he is sure to reach the pinnacle of success.

The result of wasting time is unimaginable. Those who fail to realize the importance of time face destruction in life. In the history of the world there are many examples which show the downfall of some persons for their negligence of time. In the war of Water Loo’ a commander of Nepoleon came late for some time and for this he lost the battle. 

In the world history we see that the great men of the world have made the best use of their time. On the other hand, those who have made the best use of their time have become great in the world. Every moment of their life was full of works. As a result, they have become successful and world famous. Abraham Lincoln, Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison, made the best use of their time and became world famous. Similarly, the Japanese, Chinese, the English, the Americans, the Korians have made the best use of their time and have become developed nations.

It is no denying the fact that man needs to use his time properly. But how can man make the best use of his time? Man’s life is full of activities. If we have to complete our work in our life, we have to find out suitable time for it. If we divide our time considering the load of work, we can finish it easily. 

Time is the most valuable asset in our life. Our success in life depends on the proper use of time. So, we should make the best use of our time.