University Admission Questions on Active & Passive Voice

About the Test

  • Learner Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Exam TypeOnline MCQ
  • Exam Code: UAQ001020
  • Number of Questions: 20
  • Full Marks: 20

Dear students, in order to assess your preparation and enhance your understanding of the admission test pattern in Bangladesh universities, we have compiled 20 multiple-choice questions from past admission tests. These questions are designed to test your knowledge in voice change and provide valuable insights into the types of questions that might appear in the actual exams. We encourage you to attempt these questions with sincerity and focus, as it will not only help you gauge your readiness but also identify areas where you might need additional practice. Best of luck, and may your efforts lead you to success in your upcoming admission tests!

Select the correct answer


Change the voice of this sentence: ‘He does not like people laughing at him’. [Dhaka University 2020-21]

People laughing at him are not liked by him .
He does not like being laughed at.
To be laughed at by people are not like by him .
He does not like him being laughed at by people.

'Elizabeth unwillingly undertook the sea voyage'. The passive form of the sentence is: [Dhaka University 2020-21]

The sea voyage was undertaken by Elizabeth unwillingly .
The sea voyage is undertaken by Elizabeth unwillingly .
Unwillingly by Elizabeth, the sea voyage undertaken.
The sea voyage had undertaken by Elizabeth unwillingly .

The correct passive form of ‘Who baked the cake?’ [Dhaka University 2020-21]

Who the cake was baked?
By whom has the cake been baked?
By who was the cake baked?
By whom was the cake baked?

We have warned you. Change it into passive voice. [Jahangirnagar University 2020-21]

You have been warned.
Warned you have been.
We have you warned.
Have you been warned.

Select the correct passive voice of “Who is calling me?” [Jahangirnagar University 2020-21]

By whom are I called?’
By whom am I being called?
By whom am I called?
By whom am I being call?

What is he passive form of 'Is the noise not disturbing the old man?" [Jahangirnagar University 2020-21]

Is the old man not being disturbed by the noise?
Whether the old man is not being disturbed by the noise?
Do the old man not being disturbed by the noise?
Let the old man not be disturbed by the noise?

Please grant me two day's leave. Make it passive. [Rajshahi University 2020-21]

Let me be granted two day's leave.
Let me two day's leave be granted me.
May I please be granted two day's leave?
I may be granted two day's leave.

By whom was this bird killed? Make it active. [Rajshahi University 2020-21]

Who killed this bird?
Who had killed this bird?
Who did kill this bird?
Who has killed this bird?

Passive voice of ‘Who did this?’ [Rajshahi University 2020-21]

By whom was this done?
Who has done this?
By whom this has been done?
Who did this?

She was then making tea. Make the sentence to passive voice: [Rajshahi University 2020-21]

Tea was then made by her.
Tea was made then by her.
Tea was being made by her then.
Tea has been made then by her.

Choose the correct passive form of 'He annoyed me'. [Rajshahi University 2020-21]

I was annoyed with him.
I was annoyed to him.
I was annoyed by him.
I was annoyed at him.

By whom-----? [Chattogram University 2020-21]

the glass was broken
did the glass beak
was the glass break
was the glass broken

The passive form of "Who broke the glass?" is: [Chattogram University 2020-21]

By whom the glass was broken?
By whom was the glass broken?
By whom did the glass broken?
By whom is the glass broken?

Rarely-----seen far from water. [Chattogram University 2020-21]

have spotted turtles
spotted turtles are
are spotted turtles
spotted turtles

The passive form of 'Let him be told to go' is-----. [Chattogram University 2020-21]

Tell him to go.
Tell him go.
Tell him to come.
Let him go.

By whom-----? [Chattogram University 2020-21]

the picture was hanged
was the picture hung
did the picture hang
was the picture hanged

Change into passive: 'You have wasted much time.' [Dhaka University 2020-21]

Much time was wasted by you.
Much time wasted by you.
Much time has been wasted.
Much time have been wasted.

Choose the right change of voice. ‘Nobody has invited you to tea tomorrow.’ [Jahangirnagar University 2019-20]

You haven't been invited to tea tomorrow.
None has been invited to tea tomorrow.
You have not been invited to tea tomorrow by anybody.
Someone has not invited you to tea tomorrow.

‘Shubho ate four pieces of Hilsha fish at dinner’. The passive form of the sentence is-----. [Dhaka University 2019-20]

Four pieces of Hilha fish at dinner were eaten by Shubho.
At dinner four pieces of Hilha fish Shubho ate.
Four pieces of Hilsha fish were eating by Shubho at dinner.
At dinner four pieces of Hilha fish were eaten by Shubho.

Take this medicine on empty stomach. Its passive form is: [Rajshahi University 2019-20]

This medicine is taken empty stomach.
Empty stomach taken this medicine.
This medicine should be taken on empty stomach.
This medicine may taken on empty stomach.