Tree Plantation

Write a composition/ an essay on tree plantation.

Tree Plantation

Introduction: Tree plantation has now become a buzz-word all over the world. In fact, it is one of the best things we can do.

Importance of Tree Plantation: We can easily realize the importance of tree plantation if we see what the famous poet Tagore has sadly sung:

Give back that forest

Take this town.

The Creation: We know that after creating the earth, the Almighty created trees and plants first. They made the world beautiful with their colourful leaves, flowers and fruits. Then came animals and men. This means life on earth is impossible without trees. 

Importance of trees: The importance of trees is beyond description. Yet, we can mention a few of them here.

Oxygen: Oxygen is very important for our life. It is part and parcel of our life. None can live without oxygen. And we get this oxygen only from trees. So, if there were no trees, there would be no oxygen and no life on earth. 

Food: Food is another important thing for our life. Every living being needs food to eat and live. And all the foods directly or indirectly come from trees. Corns satisfy our hunger and give us energy. Pulses make us strong. Fruits give us pleasure and make us healthy. So, if there were no trees, there would be no food and no life on earth. 

Cloths: After foods, we need cloths. Ancient people wore the leaves and barks of trees. We are modern people. Yet we largely depend of trees for our cloths and dresses. Actually, cloths which come from trees and plants are best ones. 

Shelter: Trees have helped us live from the very beginning of the world. We need trees to make our house and furniture. When we are too tired to walk under the hot sun, we sit under a tree and take rest. 

Nature Mother: Trees look after us like our mother. Trees keep the air fresh. They make the nature beautiful. They save us from natural calamities. Cyclone cannot apply its force fully where there are a lot of trees. Trees absorb carbon-di-oxide and save us from pollution. 

Pleasure: Our life is impossible without love and pleasure. Threes give us much of them. We become happy when we get a rose from our dear ones. At weekend, we go to a park and sit under a tree. This makes our mind fresh. Sometimes we go deep in the forest and enjoy ourselves. If there were no trees, we would miss all of them.

Medicine: Everybody becomes sick today or tomorrow. Then we need medicine. We get most of our medicines from trees. Some trees are born medicines. For examples, honey and tulsi prevent cold. Aloe Vera cures headache and neem cures skin disease. 

Time of Tree Plantation: We can plant some trees almost all the year round. But some trees need a lot of water to survive. We should plant them in the rainy season. It is better to plant trees in the afternoon. We must prepare the soil well before we plant a sapling. We should water it regularly and save it from cows and goats. 

Place of Tree Plantation: Our land is very limited. So, we should not keep any land unused or bare. Rather, we should plant some trees there and look after them. We can plant trees around our house, in our school or beside roads. Some river banks are bare and open. We can plant trees and create forest there.

Conclusion: At the end of our discussion, we can conclude thattrees are our real friends on earth. So, we should plant and look after trees for our own sake.

Tree Plantation-2

Trees are our best friends. They play an important role in our life and economy. Our existence on earth is not possible without trees. So, we should plant trees more and more.

Trees are useful to us in many ways. They produce oxygen without which we cannot live for a moment. They take in carbon dioxide and prevent greenhouse effects. They provide us with food, vitamins, medicine etc. Almost all our foods like rice, wheat, vegetables, fruits etc. come from trees. They are also a great source of vitamins. Trees give us medicine which saves our life.

Trees also supply us energy. The main source of our energy is firewood. We use trees to cook food, boil water, melt tar, make brick etc. Coal and gas are two other sources of energy and we get them from trees. 

Trees are the constant companion of our daily life. They give us timber for making different things. We use trees to make our houses, doors and windows. Again, the furniture that we use in our house is made from trees. Trees also provide shelter for birds and animals. They give them food too. These animals and birds are necessary for the balance of our environment.

Trees bear a great impact on the climate. They help to cause rainfall and prevent desertification. They keep our environment cool and fresh. If we lose trees, the weather will become hotter and unbearable for us. Besides these, trees protect us from floods, cyclones, drought and many other natural calamities. They protect us from greenhouse effects too.

Though trees play a vital role in our life, they are being cut down recklessly. Men cut trees for firewood, timber, medicine etc. They also burn and clear off forest for building house, for agricultural land and also for making infrastructures like roads and bridges. But reckless cutting down of trees has negative impacts on the living beings of the earth. If there are no trees, there will be no rain, no crops and as a result the whole world will turn into desert. Consequently, all living beings will on earth face destruction.

As trees are very important for our existence on earth, we should plant more and more trees. Trees can be planted in any time of the year. But June and July are the best time for tree plantation. And for planting trees we should observe ‘Tree Plantation Week’ every year. Besides, we should create awareness among people about the importance of trees. The Govt. and non-govt. organizations can play a vital role in this regard. Moreover, it should be ensured that if anyone cuts one tree, he should plant two. In this way we can increase the number of trees.

Bangladesh has much scope of tree plantation. There are many roads, highways and railway lines in the country. We can plant trees on both the sides of these roads and highways. Again, we have a lot of fallow land in our villages. We can plant trees there. We can also use sea-beach and low-lying land for tree plantation.

Trees are part and parcel of our life. We cannot think of our existence without trees. So, it is our bounden duty to plant trees and take care of them.