Transformation Quiz

About the Test

  • Learner Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Exam TypeOnline MCQ
  • Exam Code: CHANGING1630
  • Number of Questions: 15
  • Full Marks: 15

This quiz tests what you learned on the Transformation of Sentences page. Some of the questions are easier, some are more difficult. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer! Don’t use any books or websites to help you – the idea is to find your natural level! 

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Q1. How gorgeous is the sunset! (Make it assertive)
How is the sunset so gorgeous?
The sunset is gorgeous, isn’t it?
The sunset is very gorgeous.
How gorgeous the sunset is!
Q2. Man is mortal. (Negative)
Man is immortal.
Man is not immortal.
Not all men are mortal.
Not all men are immortal.
Q3. Their glory will never fade. (Interrogative)
Will their glory ever fade?
Their glory will ever fade?
Will their glory never fade?
Shall their glory ever fade?
Q4. He leads a most unhappy life. (Exclamatory)
What a unhappy life he leads!
How a unhappy life he leads!
What an unhappy life he leads!
How an unhappy life he leads!
Q5. As soon as he saw me, he ran away. The correct negative form is-----:
No sooner had he seen me he ran away.
No sooner had he seen me than he ran away.
No sooner he saw me than he ran away.
He did not see me and he ran away.
Q6. What an excellent idea! (Assertive)
It is excellent idea.
It is an excellent idea.
It more excellent idea.
It very good idea.
Q7. Choose the correct transformation of the following sentence: Unfortunately, one only remembers what is exceptional.
Unfortunately, one remembers the exceptional only.
Unfortunately, one only remembers the exceptional.
Unfortunately, only one remembers the exceptional.
Unfortunately, one only remembers only the exceptional.
Q8. How beautiful the garden is! (Make it assertive)
It is a very beautiful garden.
The garden is very beautiful.
The garden looks beautiful.
The beauty of the garden is really nice.
Q9. "Everybody knows that he is an honest man." Identify the simple form of the sentence from the following options:
Everybody knows him as an honest man.
Nobody knows about his dishonesty.
Everybody's knowledge about his honesty is not certain.
What everybody knows about his honesty.
Q10. The negative form of the sentence 'Neela is taller than Bushra' is:
Bushra is shorter than Neela.
Bushra is not so tall as Neela.
Bushra is not taller than Neela.
Neela is not shorter than Bushra.
Q11. Man is mortal' which one is Negative sentence of it?
No man is immortal.
Man is not mortal.
No man is mortal.
Man is immortal.
Q12. May our cricket team win the 'World Cup'. Change into an assertive sentence.
I wish our cricket team to win the World Cup.
I wish that our cricket team wins the 'World Cup'.
I wish our cricket team could win the World Cup.
I wish our cricket team can win the World Cup.
Q13. ‘He is the best student of the class.’ The sentence means:
He is no better than all other students of the class.
He is better than any other boys in the class.
He is as good as any other boy in the class.
No other boy in the class is as good as he.
Q14. The negative form of the sentence 'He is always on time' is:
He is not always on time.
He is never late.
He does not come late.
He does not fail to come on time.
Q15. 'He came home yesterday.' The interrogative form is-----.
Came home he yesterday?
Came he home yesterday?
Did he came home yesterday?
Did he come home yesterday?