My Favourite Season

Write a composition/ an essay on the season you like most.


Introduction: There are six seasons in Bangladesh. All of them are important for us. But they all are not my favourite. My favourite season is the rainy season and I like it most. 

Time: The rainy season is the second season of Bangladesh. 'Ashar' and 'Shraban' make the rainy season. But sometimes it begins earlier and lasts longer. 

How it occurs: During this season, the monsoon blows from the Bay of Bengal and passes over Bangladesh. It brings much vapour and causes heavy rainfall in our country. 

Common scenes/Description: During the rainy season the sky remains cloudy. The sun is not seen for days. Sometimes it rains cats and dogs. Sometimes it drizzles. Roads become muddy and slippery. Rivers, canals and ponds overflow their banks. Fields go under water.

Usefulness/Advantages: Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Most of the crops depend on rain water. So the rainy season is a blessing for our country. Then the soil becomes soft and fertile and our farmers can easily prepare it. It also washes away filth and dirt and purifies the environment. Men can easily go from one place to another by boat.

Disadvantages/demerits: The rainy season is not blessing for us all the time. In the rainy season the road becomes muddy and slippery. So people cannot go from one place to other easily. Excessive rain often causes flood. It destroys houses and crops. Cholera, typhoid, dysentery and diarrhoea break out. All this brings untold sufferings to our people.

Conclusion: Though the rainy season has its demerits, it is blessing for us. It helps the nature to gain new life. So, we always welcome this season and enjoy its beauty.

The Season I Like Best
The Spring

Bangladesh is a land of seasons. There are six seasons in Bangladesh and they come one after another. Every season has its own beauty and charm. But of all the seasons, I like spring most as it is the loveliest of all seasons.

The month of Falgun and Chaitra form spring. It comes between winter and summer. After the cold spell of winter, spring appears and everybody welcomes it. It comes at such a time when we have moderate temperature which is neither hot nor cold.

Spring is my fovaurite season because in spring nature wears a festive look. In spring nature is adorned with new leaves. During winter nature becomes dull and dry. But with the advent of spring nature takes a new look and life. The trees and plants become laden with new leaves, new buds and flowers. The countryside looks very beautiful. In fact, nature wears a charming look and attire. It touches every blade of grass with a lovelier green, every tree with beautiful flowers.

I like spring most because it is also the season of flowers. Every woodland and garden become full of flowers of various colour and fragrance. The scent of flowers spread all around and the drowsy murmur of bees is heard in every forest nook. The Kamini, the Hasnahena, the Palash and the Bakul make the atmosphere fragrant with their sweet scent. They make the season pleasing, charming and bewitching.

Spring is also the season of songs in our country. The cuckoo sings its melodious songs. It hides itself in the leaves of trees and coos. Its melodious notes send thrill of joy to every human heart and makes the atmosphere romantic. Poets, therefore, look upon the cuckoo as the symbol of youth. All other singing birds pour forth their sweet, thrilling and welcoming notes in the fullest of their hearts.

I like spring most as it is the period of abundance. Vegetables grow in plenty. It is the best harvesting period when everybody is happy. Crops and grains cover the fields. Plants and trees become lively in this season.

Spring is also favourite to me for its manifold charms. No one can overlook her wealth of natural beauty and temperate climate. No one likes the dry and hot spell of summer or the heavy downpour of rainy season. Nobody likes the barrenness of winter and the severity of its cold spell. But spring, the season of vegetables and blossom, has none of these discomforts.

In fact, spring is the king of all seasons. It is the season of youth and colour. It is full of life and warmth. It is the season of new leaves, new buds, new flowers, sweet melody, gentle breeze and moderate climate. All these attractions of spring charm me most and make me a worshipper of this season.