Duties of a Student

Write a composition on student life/ duties of a student/ students and social service.

Duties of a Student

Introduction: Students are the greatest force of a country. They are the future leaders of the nation. Hence, they play a vital role in a society.

Primary duty: The primary duty of students is to acquire knowledge. For this, they should spend most of their time in education. They must not waste any moment of their3 life. Then they should do social work.

Removing illiteracy: Illiteracy is the greatest problem in our country. Only students can solve this problem because they are the greatest force of our country. During their holidays, they can go to villages and teach people how to read and write. 

Helping farmers: Students can help our farmers greatly. Most of our farmers do not know the proper way of cultivation. Students can teach them about the scientific methods of cultivation. Thus, they can remove poverty from our country. 

Helping the suffering people: Ours is a country of natural calamity. Floods and storms affect us every year. Many people become homeless. Many suffer from hunger and disease. In such situations, students can collect funds and give relief to them.

Service in health programmes: Most Bangladeshis do not know the rules of health. Students can teach them about the importance of sanitation. They can also teach them about the importance of balanced food and nutrition. 

Conclusion: The students can do much for the society. They can serve people through social work. Thus, they can uphold the image of our nation.


Students and Social Service

Student life is the most valuable period in a man’s life. This is the time when a student has to prepare himself for future life. To develop himself as a good citizen and future leader of the country he has to do some duties to himself, to the country and to the society in student life.

The first and foremost duty of a student is to acquire knowledge. So, he is to be attentive to his studies. But he should not confine himself to the prescribed books. Besides his text books, he should read newspapers, magazines and other books to gather knowledge. Moreover, he can listen to radio, watch TV programmes and search internet to increase his knowledge. Furthermore, he should take part in different co-curricular activities to prepare himself for future struggle.

Another duty of a student is to build up his health. Without good health, a person cannot serve the society well. So, in order to have good health and to preserve it, a student should play games and sports and take physical exercise regularly.

Formation of character is another important duty of a student. It is said that character is the crown of a man’s life. So, a student has to cultivate good manners in his character from an early age. He should learn honesty, truthfulness, punctuality, discipline and other noble virtues. At the same time, he should avoid stealing, telling lies, deceiving others and so on. He also should avoid evil company.

The next duty of a student is to learn good manners. He should be polite and modest in dealing with others. He is to be respectful and obedient to his parents, teachers and superiors. When his parents become old, sick or helpless, he should look after them with great care.

A student has duties to the people and to the society also. He must take part in different social activities. He can play a vital role in the removal of illiteracy from the country. During holidays he can go to his native village and teach the illiterate people how to read and write. He can teach the villagers about the rules of health and sanitation and the scientific method of cultivation. He can also make them aware of population problem and so on.

A student must be ready to serve the country in times of danger. When the country faces with natural calamities like flood, storm, cyclone, earthquake, he must stand by the affected people. He should collect money, food, water, clothes, medicine and distribute them among the victims. Thus, he should try to lessen the suffering of them.

A student should always be aware of politics too because he is the future citizen and leader of the country. When the govt. and other political parties take any decision against the interest of the people, he should protest against it. Besides, if the country faces any other danger, he should come forward to save the country even at the cost of his life.

Students are the future hope and aspiration of the county. The peace and prosperity of a country depends mostly on the services of the students. If the students do not do their duties properly, the country is sure to face crisis. So, a student should do all his duties and responsibilities properly for the greater welfare of the country and the society.