Problem Verbs

This worksheets are suitable for advanced learners who are preparing for TOEFL, IELTS, Varsity Admission & Civil Service exams. 


(a) The man was ---------- (hanged/hung) for murder. 

(b) She ---------- (hanged/hung) the picture on the wall. 

(c) She ---------- (hung/hanged) the photo on the wall.

(d) She ---------- (hung/ hanged) herself last night. 

(e) He was ---------- (hung/ hanged) for murder. 


(a) The old man was found ---------- (lying/laying) dead in his room. 

(b) They have ---------- (lain/laid) a tree across the canal to cross it. 

(c) Don’t ---------- (lie/lay) the groceries on the table. 

(d) The old man was tired, so he decided to ---------- (lie/lay) down for a while.

(e) He was ---------- (lying/laying) on the floor.

(f) The baby ---------- (lies/lays) on the mat. 

(g) The baby ---------- (lay/lied) on the mat.

(h) The baby has ---------- (lain/laid) on the mat. 

(i) Books are ---------- (lying/laying) open on the floor. 

(j) The cowboy ---------- (lies/lays) that a wolf has attacked his cows.

(k) The cowboy ---------- (lied/ laid) that a wolf had attacked his cows.

(l) The cowboy has ---------- (lied/ laid) that a wolf attacked his cows.

(m) He is always ---------- (lying/ laying)  that he cannot swim. 

(n) The hen ---------- (lays/ lies) an egg every day. 

(o) Mother ---------- (laid/ lay) the baby on the bed.

(p) They have ---------- (laid/ lied) grapes on the roof to dry. 

(q) Our hens are not ---------- (laying/ lying) eggs. 

(r) He was ---------- (laying/ lying) on the floor. 


(a) Nobody likes to ---------- (sit/set) idly all day long. 

(b) The astronauts ---------- (sit/set) a television camera on the moon. 

(c) We love to ---------- (sit/set) in the sun in winter.

(d) Students ---------- (sit/ set) at their desk in the classroom. 

(e) We ---------- (sat/ set) on the floor and enjoyed the orchestra. 

(f) I have ---------- (sat/ sitten) for you all day long. 

(g) You are ---------- (sitting/ setting) idly. 

(h) They ---------- (set/ sat) a table before us. 

(i) They have ---------- (set/ sat) a date for their wedding. 

(j) I am ---------- (setting/ sitting) a fan in my room. 


(a) During flood, water in the river ---------- (raised/rose) too high. 

(b) ---------- (Rise/raise) your head and see the man over there. 

(c) We wanted to ---------- (raise/rise) the picture one more foot.

(d) The mongoose ---------- (rose/raised) its head to see the snake.

(e) Global warming will ---------- (rise/raise) water level of the sea. 

(f) The captive ---------- (rises/ raises) hands to surrender. 

(g) The police ---------- (risen/ raised) the gun and fired. 

(h) She has ---------- (risen/ raised) her voice with anger. 

(i) We are ---------- (rising/ raising) fund to help the poor. 

(j) The sun ---------- (raises/ rises) in the east. 

(k) She ---------- (raised/ rose) from bed early. 

(l) Prices have ---------- (raised/ risen) to high.  

(m) The water level is ---------- (raising/ rising) fast. 


(a) Do you ---------- ---------- (know/ know how to) swim?

(b) The cats did not ---------- ---------- (know/ know how to) divide the egg.

(c) Pat has been driving for fifteen years, but he doesn't ---------- ---------- (know/ know how to) to change a tire properly.

(d) I was away from home. So, I do not ---------- (know/ know how to) who broke into the house. 

(e) The owner of the house was in, so he ---------- (know/ know how to)  about the robbery.

(f) She ---------- (know/ know how to) manage her boss. 

(g) Everybody does not ---------- (know/ know how to) make Coca-Cola. 

(h) Scientists ---------- (know/ know how to) Milton’s third law. 

(i) We ---------- (know/ know how to) about their engagement.

(j) We ---------- (know/ know how to) to type before we entered the computer class.

(k) I don't ---------- (know/ know how to) to dance, but I tries.


Write the correct form of say or sell in the following sentences. Be careful to observe sequence of tenses.

(a) Can you ---------- (say/ tell) the time?

(b) Who ---------- (say/ tell) you that I was going to Tokyo?

(c) John ---------- (say/ tell) that he has already seen the movie.

(d) The notice ---------- (say/ tell) that the school shall remain open tomorrow.

(e) Grandma ---------- (say/ tell) us some funny stories. 

(f) Who ---------- (say/ tell) that I was going to Tokyo?

(g) You ---------- (say/ tell) Kitty that the party would begin that night. 

(h) Andy ---------- (say/ tell) us that it had rained in torrents in his town.

(i) Andy ---------- (say/ tell) that it had rained in torrents in his town.

(j) Hamlet ----- "To be or not to be, that is the question."

(k) The judge ordered the witnesses to ---------- (say/ tell) the whole truth about the accident.

(l) Never ---------- (say/ tell) a lie even in fun. 

(m) The teacher -----  (say/ tell) that we would not have any homework during the vacation.

(n) I saw my friend in the library and ---------- (say/ tell) that I had wanted to talk to him.

(o) Mike ---------- (say/ tell) that he always does his homework in time.

(p) It is foolish t ---------- (say/ tell) a secret to a person who spreads gossip.