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Phrase, Clause & Sentence


1. Narration JSC

2. Narration SSC

3. Narration HSC


    These worksheets are for the practice of changing sentences from: (a) Affirmative to Negative and vice-versa; (b) Assertive to Interrogative/ Imperative/ Exclamatory and vice-versa; (c) Change of Degree of Comparison; (d) Simple, Complex & Compound

    • Degree of Comparison


    Suffix-Prefix Exercise

    Suffix-Prefix Exercise

    Verb Tense

    Verb is the life of a sentence because Verbs hold the most important position in sentences. So, the study of verbs should get especial attention. Here are some verb tense worksheets for you. 

    Verb & Tense: Grade 9&10

    1. Right Forms of Verbs: Bracket
    2. Right Forms of Verbs: Box
    3. Right Forms of Verbs: Answer

    Verb & Tense: Grades 11&12

    1. Right Forms of Verbs 
    2. Verb Tense Worksheet 

    Vocabulary & Info-gap