My Village

Write a composition/ an essay on your village.

Our Village

Introduction: The name of our village is Mailmara. It is in Batiaghata Upazila in Khulna. It is away from the upazila sadar. It is a very famous village in our upazila.

Description: Our village is two kilometers long and one kilometer wide. A pacca road runs through our village and reaches the town. So, we can easily communicate with the town. There is a large field in front of the village. We play and feed our cows there.  The land of our village is plain and fertile. So, crops grow well there. 

Natural Scenery: The scenery of our village is very beautiful. Trees give us fresh flowers and fruits. Many birds live in these trees and make the nature lively. They sing sweet songs and wake us up in the morning.

People: About one thousand people live in our village. Most of them are farmers. They are honest and simple. Some teachers, doctors and high officials also live in our village. They are very good and helpful. We are proud of them.

Institutions: Our village has two primary schools and a high school. It has many mosques and temples also. There is a hospital in our village. So, we can easily get help when we are sick.

Conclusion: Our village is an ideal village. We all drink pure water and eat fresh food. Every person of our village is literate and every house has a sanitary latrine. So, I love my village very much. I shall never leave it.