Writing Notice

What is a notice?

A notice is written information to the concerned people that they will take an action before or after a fixed period. It is written in order to inform a large number of people about something that has happened or is about to happen.

Noticeboard messages are written and put up on display boards in schools or in public places for public view. For example, when you were in a school, college, or university, you often got notices about upcoming events like debate competition, term exam, tuition fees payment, lost and found notice, etc. Notices are written to a targeted audience. 

Noticeboard messages are formal.  So, the language of a notice must be formal and to the point. Don’t use any flowery words in a notice. 

Tips on Writing Notice

(i) Don’t make your notice too large. Keep it in less than 50 words.

(ii) As notice board message should be short, precise and to the point, don’t repeat any information.

(iii) For better view, enclose the notice in a box. Use a pencil to draw the box. 

(iv) To make the notice captive and eye-catching, highlight the heading. Most often the title of a noticeboard message is NOTICE.

(v) Make the message clear and easy with all the available information in the question.

Form of a Notice

Notice is a kind of formal letter. It should include the following topics step by step.

(i) Header: The name and address of the institution.

(ii) Title: The title of a notice is ‘NOTICE’ or ‘IMPORTANT NOTICE’. 

(iii) Memo No. & Date

(iv) Message: Message should be clear and concise. It should answer when, where, why, and how something will happen and who is it for. 

(vi) Write the name and the designation of the issuer at the end of the notice. 

Khulna Zilla School, Khulna

Memo No. 12121212   Date: 24 May 2022


All students, teachers, and all concerned are hereby informed that from 1st June 2022, the school will start at 9 a.m. & end at 3 p.m. This new timing will be followed till further notice.