Write an essay/ a composition on newspaper/ the importance of reading newspaper.


Introduction: A newspaper is a paper that carries news of home and abroad. It tells us what is happening around the world. It is a store house of knowledge.


Kinds of Newspaper: There are many kinds of newspapers. They are dailies, weeklies, monthlies, etc. The Prothom Alo, the Daily Ittefaq, the the Samakal, the Janakantha, the Sangbad, etc. are some of the famous Bangla dailies of our country. The reputed English dailies are the Daily Star and the Daily Independent.


Contents: Newspaper mirrors the whole world. It contains the news of politics, sports, economy, business, weather and what not. It also contains the views of great persons.


Importance of newspaper: The importance of newspaper is beyond description. Government media often give partial news and hide truth. But good newspapers publish neutral news and show the bad and good side of the government. It is very essential for society. People can express their views through newspaper. So, it is called the people’s parliament. It acts as the watch dog of human rights and democracy. It has a great educative value also. We can learn many things by reading newspaper.

Demerits: We know that for every plus there is a minus. A newspaper has some demerits also. Some newspapers publish partial and false news and excite public feelings. Such newspapers are very harmful for society.

Conclusion: Newspaper is a part and parcel of our daily life. We cannot think of a day without newspaper. The more we read newspaper, the more we can learn. So, we should read newspaper regularly.


The Importance of Reading Newspaper

Man is curious by nature. He wants to know about various things of the world. Newspaper is the best way to satisfy this curiosity. It gives us the news of the day-to-day happenings of the world. In modern times, it is considered to be the best source of news, views, knowledge, information and education. So, the importance of reading newspaper in modern times beggars description.

Newspaper is the storehouse of knowledge and information. So, it is useful to all section of people of the society. The common people, students, politicians, lawyers, traders, sportsmen always feel the necessity of reading newspaper. They find in the newspaper some items of information which are very useful to them. They can know about all the important happenings of the country by reading newspaper. It also familiarizes the people with the outside world. They can get all sorts of news and views from all corners of the world through newspaper. 

Newspaper is also the best medium of publicity and propaganda. Businessmen read newspaper to know about the condition of the market of different products. They also bring their goods and products to the notice of the public through it. People can know about different products and their prices through newspaper. Thus, they can select their necessary products through newspaper. Besides, different institutions and people of different professions give advertisement to look for clients. Interested people can learn about them by reading newspaper. Moreover, there are advertisements for flat to let, flat to share, house to sell, car for sell, job vacancies, tender notice, missing news etc. in the newspaper. People can get information about all these through newspaper.

Newspaper reading is also very important for the students in different ways. It publishes the news of latest research, discoveries and inventions. The students can know the ideas and thoughts of world-famous thinkers, writers, poets, scientists, reformers through newspaper. Besides, almost every national newspaper publishes a special page for the students. The most learned and experienced teachers of the country discuss the problems of different subjects here. Students can learn the lessons of different subjects by reading newspaper. Moreover, they can know the news about education, the news of getting admission into an institution, the result of examinations through it.

Newspaper is also a source of entertainment for the people. Every newspaper publishes small magazines regularly. Many items of fun like jokes, cartoon, funnies stories, satirical rhymes and interesting incidents are published in it. The general people can get much pleasure by reading it.

Newspaper reading is also important because the information of the government can be learnt through it. Government notifications, laws and bills, projects etc. are given publicity through the newspaper. Every govt. has it own policy and work plan. The newspapers publish them. All sections of the people read them and can know about them through newspaper.

In fact, 21st century is the century of information. In this century there is no alternative for the people but to gather as much knowledge and information as possible. No other mass media can provide people as much information as newspaper. So, all should go through the newspaper regularly to be an ideal and global citizen of the 21st century.


Man is curious by nature. He wants to know about various things of the world. Newspaper is the best medium to satisfy his curiosity. It gives us news of the day today happenings of the whole world. Newspaper is such an important thing that we can not think of a single day without it.

Newspaper has a long history. It is supposed that newspaper was first published in China. Venice was the first to bring out newspaper in Europe. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth, it was published in England. The ‘Indian Gazette’ published in 1774 was the first newspaper in the sub-continent. ‘The Samachar Darpan’ brought out by the Missionaries of Sreerampur was the first Bengali newspaper.

But there are various kinds of newspaper. They are dailies, weeklies, monthlies, fortnightlies and so on. The daily newspaper carries the news and the views of the daily affairs of the whole world. So, the daily newspapers are popular with all sections of people. Others are known as periodicals and magazines. They contain stories, articles, literature and poems.

There are a good number of newspapers in Bangladesh. The Ittefaq, the Sangbad, the Inquilab, the Prothom Alo, the Janakantha, the Samakal etc. are the most important Bengali dailies. The Daily Star, the Bangladesh Times etc. are famous English dailies. The Bitchitra, the Bartaman Dinkal, the Chhanda etc. are the name of the weekly magazines. The Chitra Bangla and the Ananda Bichitra are fortnightly and monthly magazines respectively. 

Newspaper is useful to all sections of people. It tells us what is happening home and abroad. It is said that newspaper is the store house of knowledge and information. All sections of people such as students, politicians, lawyers, traders, sportsmen are always in need of newspaper. They find in the newspaper some items of information which are very useful to them. It familiarizes the students with the world outside. Merchants read the newspaper to know the condition of the market. The lovers of sports can get the news of sports all over the world. Politicians come to know about the national and international politics through the newspaper. Besides, the job seekers can get useful information in it. It is for all these reasons newspaper is very important to all. Newspaper is also the best medium of advertisement. Businessmen bring their products and goods to the notice of the people through it. People can also express their opinions through it. It is the means of communication between the government and the people.

But newspaper has some demerits too. Most of the newspapers are owned by different political parties. So, they provide news and express views in their own ways. Newspapers sometimes publish false and fabricated news and cause anarchy in the country. In this respect Nepoleon said, “Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.”

Newspaper is the most powerful medium now. It has a great responsibility to build up the nation. So, it should publish news considering the interest of the people.