My Garden

Write a paragraph on ‘Your Garden’ by answering the following questions. 

(a) Where is your garden? 

(b) How is the land? 

(c) What do you grow there? 

(d) Who work in your garden? 

(e) When do you work in it? 

(f) Why do you like gardening?

My Garden

          A garden is a source of income and pleasure. So, every house in the village has a garden. I also like gardening very much. So, I have a garden. It is my own garden. It is in front of my reading room. It stands on a high land and it is always sunny. So, plants grow well here. There is a pond near my garden. So, I can easily water my plants. I grow flowers and vegetables in my garden. We eat vegetables and flowers make our house look beautiful. I work in the garden in my spare time. I prepare the soil and look after the plants. I get much pleasure when the flowers bloom. I love my garden.