This grammar course is for those who want to learn English grammar for the first time, or who have little or no knowledge of grammar. 

Beginners English Grammar

1. Letter and Alphabet

Topics Covered: Letters; Alphabet; Capital Letters; Small Letters; Cursive Letters; Non-cursive Letters; Consonant; Vowel & Semi-vowel

2. Parts of Speech

What is a part of speech? How are words of the sentence classified.

3. Nouns 

Names of things, Names of living things: persons & Animals; Names of places; Naming Words; Naming Words and Special Names; What is Noun? Proper Nouns: Days of the Week, Proper Nouns: Months of the Year; Common Nouns

4. Number

Number-One, Two, Three, …., Many; Nouns-Singular & Plural Number; Nouns-Countable & Uncountable

5. Gender

Males-Masculine Gender; Females-Feminine Gender

6. Adjectives 

Describing persons, places, animals, and things; Describing Words; What are Adjectives? Kinds of Adjectives; Color Adjectives; Size Adjectives; Shape Adjectives; Taste Adjectives

7. Articles

A, An & The

8. Verbs 

What are they doing? Action Words; What are Verbs? Be Verbs-Am, Is, Are (as main verbs); Regular and Irregular Verbs

9. Time and Tense

Time & Tense; Present Tense; Past Tense; Future Tense

10. The Simple 

The simple present-form and uses; The simple past-form and uses; The simple future-form and uses

11. The Continuous 

The simple present-form and uses; The simple past-form and uses; The simple future-form and uses

12. Adverbs 

What is an adverb? Words ending in -ly; Adverbs of Time; Adverbs of Place

13. Pronouns 

I, we, you, he, she, it & they; Replacing words; What are Pronouns; Subject Pronouns & Object Pronouns: I, me; we, us; he, him; they, them. 

14. Conjunctions 

Joining words: and & but; What is a linking word/Conjunction? 

15. Prepositions 

Where are they? Position Words: in, on, between, behind and under; What are Prepositions?

16. Sentences 

Jumbled sentence; Making sentences using am, is, are; Parts of a sentence: Naming part & Telling part; Subject & Predicate; Kinds of Sentences: Statements & Questions; Forming Questions: Yes/ No Questions and Wh-questions.

17. Capital Letters & Punctuation Marks 

Using Capital Letters; Full Stop and Question Mark

18. Vocabulary