Class VIII: English Suggestion 2022

Probable questions for half yearly and annual exams of class eight English


  1. Your School Library
  2. A School Magazine
  3. Tree Plantation 
  4. Traffic Jam
  5. A book fair you have visited
  6. A Book Fair
  7. A Street Hawker
  8. A Rainy Day
  9. Load Shedding
  10. Our National Flag
  11. A winter morning
  12. Tea Stall 
  13. Road Accident.
  14. The life of a farmer
  15. Importance of Learning English
  16. Mobile Phone
  17. Early Rising

Informal Emails

  1. Preparation for the SSC exam/ progress of studies
  2. Congratulating friend on his brilliant success in the examination
  3. Thanking friend for sending a nice gift on your birthday
  4. To father asking for some money
  5. Describing prize giving ceremony of your school
  6. Describing sports day
  7. Inviting friend to join a picnic
  8. Inviting friend to spend summer vacation with you 
  9. Inviting friend to join a marriage ceremony 
  10. Inviting friend to join your birthday
  11. Describing your aim in life 
  12. Describing your birthday party 
  13. Thanking friend for his hospitality
  14. Advising brother to be attentive and punctual to his studies.
  15. Importance of co-curricular activities
  16. Importance of reading newspaper
  17. Importance of physical exercise
  18. How to improve English
  19. Bad effects of smoking
  20. About Bangladesh and her people

Dialogue Writing

  1. How to eradicate illiteracy from Bangladesh
  2. Merits and demerits of mobile phone
  3. Preparation for the SSC Exam
  4. Benefits of planting trees
  5. Importance of taking physical exercise
  6. Importance of early rising
  7. How to improve skills in English
  8. Importance of reading newspaper
  9. Importance of learning English
  10. About the bad effects of smoking
  11. Your aim in life/Choice of profession
  12. How to do well in the exam/how to make a good result in the exam.
  13. Patient and doctor
  14. About your plan after the SSC Exam.
  15. Good effects of morning walk
  16. Gardening as Hobby
  17. Proper use of time/ Importance of punctuality in life
  18. Load shedding 
  19. Village life and city life
  20. Importance of education in the development of a nation