A Journey by Train

Write an essay/ a composition on a journey by train.

A Journey by Train


Introduction: A journey is a pleasure to all. We can see many new and beautiful things in a journey. We can also know many new things. And a journey by train serves this purpose better. So, we all like a journey by train.


Occasion: It was the last Ashwin. Our exam was over and the school was closed. We had enough time to enjoy ourselves. So, my friend Sunu and I decided to visit my uncle in Dhaka. Our parents gave us permission and money. So, it was easy to go there.


Starting: We started our journey from Khulna Railway Station. We reached the station at 8 am and collected tickets. Our train started at 8.30 am.


Weather: It was a beautiful day. The weather was good. There was no cloud in the sky. It was neither cold nor hot. So, the journey was very enjoyable.


What I Saw: I saw many things on the way. There were many big and small bridges on the way. Boys and girls were playing in the field. Farmers were working and cows were eating grass. There were green fields on either side of the road. They looked like a beautiful picture.


A Short Break: We had a short break at 1 pm. Then we ate some light food and took tea from a canteen. This gave us freshness to enjoy the journey.


Destination: At about 4 pm we reached Komlapur Railway Station. My uncle and aunt were waiting there for us. We were very glad to see them there.


Conclusion: It was the most interesting journey in my life and I enjoyed it very much. So, the memory will remain ever fresh in my mind.