A Journey by Boat

Write an essay / a composition on a journey by boat.

A Journey by Boat

          Introduction: A journey is a pleasure to all. We can see many good and beautiful things in a journey. We can also know many new things. And a journey by boat serves this purpose better. So, we all like a journey by boat.

         Occasion: It was the last Ashwin. Our exam was over and the school was closed. We had enough time to enjoy ourselves. So, my friend Sunu and I decided to visit my uncle in Chalna. Our parents gave us permission and money. So, it was easy to go there.

       Starting: We started our journey from Koiya Bazar. We reached the ghat at 8 am and hired a boat. Our boat started at 8.30 am.

Weather: It was a beautiful day. The weather was good. There was no cloud in the sky. It was neither cold nor hot. So, the journey was very enjoyable.

         What I Saw: I saw many things on the way. There were many big and small boats in the river. Fishermen were catching fish. Boys and girls were playing in water. Farmers were working and cows were eating grass. There were green fields on either side of the river. They looked like a beautiful picture.

       A Short Break: We had a short break at Batiaghata Bazar at 1 pm. Then we ate some light food and took tea from a tea stall. This gave us freshness to enjoy the journey.

           Destination: At about 4 pm we reached Chalna Ghat. My uncle and aunt were waiting there for us. We were very glad to see them there.

         Conclusion: It was the most interesting journey in my life and I enjoyed it very much. So, the memory will remain ever fresh in my mind.


A Journey by Boat

A journey by boat is always pleasing and interesting. It takes us far away from the dins and bustles of city life and fills our mind with joy. It also gives us an opportunity to come in close contact with Nature and provides us with new knowledge and experience. So, if anyone gets an opportunity to make a journey by boat, he should make the best use of it.

During the last winter vacation, I paid a visit to my friend’s house at Mongla and had an opportunity to make a journey by boat. We were five in number. We hired a small boat from Rupsha Ferry Ghat and stated our journey at 12 noon. There were two boatmen to row the boat.

The day was very nice. The river was calm and quiet. The boatmen began to row the boat and the boat began to move slowly. Gentle breeze was blowing then. The small waves were beating against it. The ripples of the river made a sweet murmuring sound. While passing through the river, we enjoyed the beautiful sight on both the sides of the river. There were green fields, paddy fields and rows of trees and they charmed our eyes. We also saw many small and large boats, ships, tankers, cargo passing through the river. It was a quite new experience to me. At about 2 p.m. our boat reached the ghat of a small village market. The boatmen cast anchor. We got down from the boat and bought some rice, eggs, a big hilsha fish and sweets. The boatmen cooked it and we enjoyed a nice meal. After resting for a while, we started our journey again. Then the evening came with all its glory. The last rays of the setting sun reflected on the calm water that enhanced the beauty of the river. We got on the roof of the boat and enjoyed the grand sight of Nature. The crimson rays of the setting sun added to the beauty of the green fields and charmed us. 

As soon as the sun sets in the west, a large moon appeared in the east. It was a moon lit night. The moon’s beam flooded the whole river and filled it with uncommon beauty. Out of joy we began to sing songs in chorus. I thought I was in a dreamland where only joy and beauty reigns. At about 7 o’clock we reached our destination. We got down from the boat and went to my friend’s house.

I had a great experience from the journey. As it was my first journey, it was very thrilling to me. It was also a pleasant one. At first, we were doubtful about its success. But when the journey was over, we laughed a triumphant laugh. It will remain an ever-fresh experience in my mind.

A journey by boat is really a pleasing one. It is cheap and easy to arrange. It provides us with a lot of thrill and pleasure and new experience that cannot be described in words. So, everyone should make a journey by boat whenever he finds an opportunity.