Inversions Quiz

About the Test

  • Learner Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Exam TypeOnline MCQ
  • Exam Code: INVERSIONS2140
  • Number of Questions: 20
  • Full Marks: 20

This quiz tests what you learned on Inversions page. Some of the questions are easier, some are more difficult. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer! Don’t use any books or websites to help you – the idea is to find your natural level! 

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Select the correct answer

Q1. A: I can't ride a bike. B:-----.
Neither can't I
Neither can I
So can't I
So can I
Q2. My family members do not like coffee, and-----.
I don't well
neither do I
neither don't I
either don't I
Q3. No sooner-----I shut the door, when the telephone rang.
Q4. -----did Arthur realize that there was a danger.
Upon entering the store
When he entered the store
After he had entered the store
Only after entering the store
Q5. Peter can't go and I can't-----.
Q6. Hardly-----I shut the door when the telephone rang.
Q7. My neighbour didn't hesitate to cooperate with the pandemic-affected people, and-----.
so did I
neither did I
I didn't neither
so I did
Q8. Complete the sentence: Only after food has been dried or canned-----.
that it should be stored for later consumption.
should be stored for later consumption.
should it be stored for later consumption.
it should be stored for later consumption.
Q9. Runa can't type well, and her sister-----.
can either
neither can
either can't
can't either
Q10. Choose the correct sentence from below.
Never I have understand less than men.
Never have I understood less than men.
Never having I understood less than men.
I have never understanding less than men.
Q11. The traveller didn't know how to swim-----.
and neither I did
and I didn't also
and I didn't either
and I didn't neither
Q12. -----resigned, we would have been forced to sack him.
Had he not
He had
Had he
If he has not
Q13. So quickly-----he reached home on time.
he ran as
he ran that
did he run that
would he run that
Q14. Only then-----what she meant.
did I understand
I understand
I was understood
I had understood
Q15. Kamal and his brother studied General History last year, and so-----.
does their sister
did their sister
has their sister
is their sister
Q16. You like chocolate-----.
and I too
and me too
and so do
and so do I
Q17. Sweet-----the uses of adversity.
Q18. Seldom-----understand her fault while talking to others.
she could
had she
could she
she had
Q19. Make an inversion: I rarely go to the beach these days.
Do I go to the beach rarely these days.
Rarely do I go to the beach these days.
Rarely I go to the beach these days.
I go rarely to the beach these days.
Q20. My half-brother visited Cox's Bazar a couple of weeks ago, and-----.
so I did
so I had
so did I
so I was