Global Warming

Write a paragraph on ‘Global Warming’ by answering the following questions. 

(a) What is global warming? 

(b) What are the causes of global warming? 

(c) How does it affect us? 

(d) What will you suggest to get rid of this problem?

Global Warming

Global warming has now become a buzz-word all over the world. It means the increasing of world temperature. Mainly two things are responsible for this problem. They are – increasing greenhouse gas and cutting down trees. The number of mills, factories and powerhouses is increasing very rapidly. They are burning coal and oil and producing carbon-di-oxide. People are burning wood and forest. This is also increasing carbon-di-oxide. AC, freezer, aerosol, etc. are increasing CFC in the atmosphere. All these are increasing world temperature and causing global warming. The result of global warming is very fatal. Polar ice is melting very rapidly. This is causing the sea level to rise. If this continues, the lower countries of the world will go under water one day. So, we must stop this global warming. For this we should control the emission of greenhouse gas and plant more and more trees.