My Favourite Game

Write a composition on your favourite game/ the game you like most.

My Favourite Game: Cricket

Introduction: Like our body, our mind often gets hungry and looks for recreation. Games and sports are the best forms of recreation of the world. As a young person, I like games and sports very much. But all games are not my favourite. My favourite one is cricket. Actually I am a mad lover of this game.

What is Cricket: Cricket is an out door game. It is a non-violent game and only intelligent and skilled persons can play this game.

Description of the Team: Cricket is played between two teams. Each team has eleven players. There is a captain in each team. He manages the discipline. The other players are a wicket keeper, some bowlers and some batsmen.

Description of the Field: The cricket field is oval. There is a pitch in the middle. There is a wicket at each end of the pitch. Each wicket has three stamps and two belts.

How Played: Cricket is full of discipline. Two umpires conduct the match. A third umpire helps them if necessary. At first a toss is held between the captains. The winner captain decides to bat or field as he likes. Then eleven players come to field and two batsmen come to bat. One bowler throws the ball and a batsman hits it with his bat. The batsmen try to take runs and the fielders try to out them.

What the Viewers Do: Cricket is full of excitement. The viewers shout in a body when their batsman gets 4 or 6. They also shout when their fielders get a wicket. And this happens all the time. So a cricket match is always interesting.

Merits: Playing cricket helps to make our body strong and flexible. It also teaches us discipline and tolerance.

Conclusion: Cricket is a polite and exciting game. So I like it most.


The Game I Like Most

Games and sports are a popular form of enjoyment, entertainment and education. People all over the world play and enjoy many indoor and outdoor games. Some of them are full of excitement and have much educative value. But there are some games which lack them. Considering the pros and cons of all games, I like cricket most.

Cricket is an international game now. It is a very popular game in many countries of the world like Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, England, Australia, South Africa and so on. There are mainly three types of cricket now. They are Test Cricket, One Day, and T-20. All kinds of cricket attract the spectators. But I like One Day and T-20 very much.

Cricket is an outdoor game. It is played in a large, smooth and grassy field. It is played between two or more teams. Each team consists of eleven players. Some wooden bats, balls, stumps, bails, pads, gloves, helmets etc. are necessary to play this game. In the middle of the field, there is a pitch which is 22 yards long. The stumps are set at both ends of the pitch. There are three umpires to conduct the game. There is also a match referee who supervises everything of a match.

In cricket, one team bats and the other team bowls. It is decided by the captain of the captains of the two teams through a toss. The captain who wins the toss can choose either fielding or bating first. The bowler bowls and the batsman hits the bowl and runs between the wickets. The fielders obstruct the bowl and try to hit the stumps. After hitting the bowl, if the batsmen change their position once, one run is scored. Thus, if they change their position twice, thrice or four-times, two, three or four runs are scored. If the ball crosses or touches the boundary line rolling on the ground, four runs are made. But if the ball goes over the boundary lines without touching the ground, six runs are scored. On the other hand, a batsman may be out in many ways, such as, caught out, bowled out, run out, stumped out, L.B.W., hit wicket etc. The two teams have to bat and bowl by turns. The team which scores more runs wins the game.

Cricket is my most favourite game. But there are many reasons why I like this game most. It is a game which is full of joy and excitement. It is able to hold the attention of the spectators from the beginning to the end. It is also the most unpredictable game. No one can foretell which team will win the game. In some moment the balance of the game may hang on one side but in the next moment it may hang on the other side. So, the spectators enjoy the game up to the last moment. 

Another reason for my likeness to this game is that it is a fair game. Unlike football, there is no use of physical power here. Besides, the players have to maintain discipline strictly. Each player has to be obedient, patient, amiable and co-operative. If a player breaks the rules of conduct, he is severely punished. For the fairness of this game, it is called the gentleman’s game.

I like cricket also for its educative value. It teaches both the players and the spectators some valuable virtues. We can learn the importance of rules and regulations and patience in human life. It teaches us to fight to the last moment and not to give in, in any situation. It also teaches us how to become successful through struggle.

Cricket is a nice game. It has entertaining, educative and cultural value. It gives pleasure to all kind of people. So, the authority should take proper steps to keep it free form all sorts of disgrace and try to increase its popularity.