The Life of a Farmer

Write a paragraph on ‘A Farmer’ by answering the following questions. 

(a) Who is a farmer? 

(b) Where does he live? 

(c) Where does he work? 

(d) When does he get up? 

(e) What kind of life does he lead? 

(f) What are his pleasure and pain?

A Farmer

A farmer is a person who does farming. Generally, he lives in a hut in the village. He is a very hard-working person. He gets up early and goes to his field. He works there all day long. He tills the land and prepares the soil. He sows seeds and plants seedlings. He gives fertilizer and gives water in his field. He wipes out the weeds and gives pesticide. He collects the crops when they are ready. Generally, a farmer stays in his field all day long. He eats his meals there. A farmer has to work under rain and sun. He works hard and grows foods for us. But his life is very poor. Often, he does not get enough crops. Then he becomes sad. He cannot earn enough to run his family well. He cannot educate his children properly. He cannot buy good cloth for his wife and children. He cannot buy good food for them. But sometimes he gets good crops. Then his heart leaps up in joy.