My Family

Write a paragraph on ‘your family’ by answering the following questions. 

(a) What kind of family do you live in? 

(b) How many members live in your family? 

(c) What are their names? 

(d) What is your father? 

(e) What is your mother? 

(f) Are you happy to live in your family? Why or why not?

Our Family

I live in a small family. It has four members. They are my father, my mother, my brother and I. My father’s name is A Sarkar. He is 35 years old. He is a B. A. He is a farmer. He works in our field. He is a very honest and hardworking person. My mother’s name is B Sarkar. She is 30 years old. She is also a B. A. She is a house wife. She looks after the family. She takes care of us. She is also a very honest and hardworking person. My brother’s name is C Sarkar. He is 9 years old. He is a student. He reads in class V. My name is D Sarkar. I am 11 years old. I am a student. I read in class VI. Our family is very good. It is a happy family. So I like it very much.