Duties to Parents

Write a composition / essay on duties to parents.

Duties to Parents

Introduction: We owe our existence to parents. We could not come in this earth if there were no parents. They bring us in the world. They give us food. They look after us when we are infant and helpless. They give us love and affection. They give us shelter. And they give us care and protection we need. They are our best friend and guide on earth. So it is our bound duty to love them, to respect them, to obey them and to look after them.

What the religions say: All religions give emphasis on our duties to parents. Islam says all are bound to respect and look after parents. Our Prophet says Heaven lies under the feet of mother. He says it is sin to disobey parents. Hinduism says father is our Heaven, father is our religion and father is our supreme preceptor. It also says that mother and mother land are greater than Heaven. So we all should love and obey our parents.

What the great men did: If we see the lives of the great men, we will see that they all loved and respected parents very much. Here the name of Hazarat Bayezid Bostami comes first. He became world famous for his duty to parents. Once at dead of night he went to a distant place to bring water for his thirsty mother. Vidyasagar looked upon his parents as living god and goddess. So we all should follow our parents’ orders.

Conclusion: In conclusion we can say that it is our bound duty to obey our parents. We should do what they want us to do. We should look after them when they are old and weak. We should fulfill their desire at any cost. Then they will bless us from their heart which will help us to prosper in life.