Write a composition/ essay on discipline. 


Discipline means obedience to the rules and conduct of the society. Every society has certain rules to control the life and activities of its people. If any of these rules are broken, there is trouble everywhere in the society. So, discipline is necessary everywhere in the world.

The value of discipline is great in every walk of our life. It controls our activities and prevents us from doing deeds according to our sweet will. Without discipline, a family cannot be a happy family, a society cannot be a peaceful society and a nation cannot be a happy one.

Discipline is necessary in every sphere of our life. The peace and happiness of a family depends on how much the members maintain discipline. If the younger members obey the elders, peace will prevail there. But if the members of a family don’t follow the command of the guardian, there will be chaos in that family. Similarly, if the people of a society maintain discipline, the society will be a happy one.

Discipline is also necessary in schools and colleges. If the students and the teachers of a school or a college maintain discipline, the teaching and learning activities will go on smoothly there. The students of such institutions are sure to make good result and they will shine in life.

In games and sports too, discipline plays a vital role. In the playground a sportsman must obey the rules of the games. A player also has to obey the command of the captain and the decisions of the referee. If the players don’t obey discipline, they are sure to lose the game.

Discipline is strictly maintained in the Army. The soldiers must obey the orders of their commanders. A small but well-disciplined army can easily defeat a large undisciplined army. A slight break of discipline in the army may bring about downfall of a nation.

Discipline is also seen everywhere in nature and in the universe. Every morning the sun rises in the east, day comes after night, birds sing and flowers bloom. Everywhere in nature there is a harmony. If there was no discipline in nature, everything in the world would be destroyed.

Discipline is the root of all success, peace and prosperity. A person can easily achieve his goals if he maintains discipline. On the other hand, a person can be destroyed if he leads an undisciplined life. So, we all should maintain discipline for the peace and prosperity of our country and the society.