My Daily Routine

Write a paragraph on ‘your daily routine’ by answering the following questions. 

(a) When do you get up? 

(b) What do you in the morning? 

(c) What do you do at school? 

(d) What do you do after school? 

(e) What do you do at night?

My Daily Routine

I am a student. So, I pass my days according to a daily routine. I get up from sleep at 5 am. First, I attend the call of nature. Then I brush my teeth and take a bath. Next, I sit to read. I eat my breakfast at 9 am and go to school. At school I attend all the classes. I obey my teachers. I do not make a noise in the class. I do not quarrel with anybody. Our school closes at 4 pm. Then I come back home and eat some food. Then I go to play with my friends. I play till 6 pm. Next, I come back home and wash myself. After that I sit to read. I read till 9 pm. Then I eat my dinner and watch television. On holidays, I revise all the subjects first. Then I watch television or play with friends. Sometimes I go shopping with my parents or go to visit my relatives. I go to bed at 11 pm every day.