Write a composition / essay on computer or use of computer.


Introduction: Computer is the most wonderful invention of modern science. It is an ultra-modern electronic device. It can solve many complicated problems within a short time. But it has no ability to do anything by itself. 

Invention: The invention of computer has a long story. Scientists toiled day and night to invent computer. At last Charles Babes became successful to invent it in 1833. His computer had five parts. After that, IBM Company and Harvard University jointly invented a modern electric computer in 1944. But it was not as good as present pc.

Working system: A computer does three functions. They are input, processing and output. With the help of mouse and keyboard, we tell our computer to do something. It is called input. There is CPU in every computer. It does what we tell it to do. It is called processing. Finally, the computer shows us what it does. It is called output. 

Parts of a computer: A computer has two basic things. They are hardware and software. What we see of a computer is its hardware. This hardware is like a dead body. It cannot do anything. So, we set up programs to make our computers work. These programs are called software. 

Some Hardware: Mouse, keyboard, CPU, monitor, speaker, printer, etc. are some common hardware of a computer. A computer mouse is a trigonometrically thing which looks like a mouse. So, it is called a mouse. But it is not a real mouse. It is an input device. We click on it and tell our computer to work. A keyboard looks like a type writer. It is also an input device. We use it mostly to type and write. CPU looks like a box. It does all the work. There is mother board, RAM, processor, hard disk, cooling fan and power unit in every CPU. A monitor looks like a TV. It is an output device. It shows what a computer does. Printer and speakers are also output devices. A printer prints our documents and a speaker sings for us. 

What is software: A computer is not a human. It cannot understand what we say. We need special language to make our computer work. This language is called programs or software. 

Types of Software: There are two types of software. They are system software and application software. Windows, Linux, DOS are system software. They make the computer run and work. MS Office, Adobe Photoshop and Mozilla Firefox are application software. They do what we tell the computer to do.

Usefulness: The importance of computer is beyond description. There is no sector where computer is not used. So, computer is called the part and parcel of modern like. Let us see some common usage of computer in our life. 

Computer and education: Computer has made education easy and interesting. Teachers make digital contents and take classes. They download classes from internet. They need computers for this. Students use computer and make notes. We use it and read e-books. We connect it to internet and download books from faraway libraries. For this we do not need to pay them. We email our assignments to our teachers. We use computers and watch important classes online. Our results are prepared by computer and published online. 

Computer and medical science: Medical science much depends on computers. Doctors use computer to diagnose disease. They use computer and test our blood, urine and stool. They use computer to scan and x-ray our body. Some software can diagnose disease and prescribe medicines. 

Computer and daily life: Our daily life much depends on computer. We use our computer to buy tickets, to do shopping and to pay bills. We also use computer for recreation and entertainment. We listen to music and watch movie. Sometimes we play games with it. We need computer to edit our photos. 

Other usages: Now-a-days, we use computer to prepare document and to store information. At present, computer is used to run mills, factories and industries. It can run cars, trains and planes also. 

Demerits: In spite of having uncounted merits of computer, it has some demerits also. It weakens our eye-sight and creates back and neck pain. Sometimes young boys and girls pass most of their time with computer. They do not go out and play with their friends. As a result, they become weak and unsocial. Sometimes they become addicted to computer games and internet and do badly in exam. 

Conclusion: Though computer has some harm, it is a blessing of modern science. We cannot go a single moment without it. It lessens our work load and makes our life easy and simple. So, we should use it all over Bangladesh.

The Use of Computer in Bangladesh

Science has invented many wonderful things. Computer is the most wonderful of them. It can do hundreds and thousands of functions. In the developed countries computer is being used in every sphere of life. In Bangladesh too, computer is being used in many sectors such as communication, education, studies, recreation, printing and so on. 

Computer has opened a new era of information in Bangladesh. By using internet, e-mail, fax etc. we can get any information from any corner of the world within a very short time. We can also send messages to the farthest corner of the world by using these devices. Besides, we can read newspapers, journals and get information about various institutions, companies, their business activities, their goods etc. through computer.

Computer has become an inseparable part of all offices in Bangladesh now. All government and private offices now use computer to perform their day-to-day activities. It has made office works easier, quicker and more reliable. Communicating with others, making documents, calculation, data processing, printing text, keeping records etc. are performed in the officers quickly and correctly through computer. Bank balance check, money transfer, deposit, withdrawal etc. are done with the help of computer.

Computer is being greatly used in education sector too. The teaching and learning activities have now become completely dependent on laptop and projector. Besides, the students can learn many things within the shortest time by using computer. Many text books and other important books have been transformed into e-books. Moreover, all activities of the Education Boards and Universities like form fill up, registration, publishing result etc. are now done through computer.

Computer is also being used in the publication sector of Bangladesh. The traditional type and block system has given place to computer. Now all kinds of books, newspapers, journals etc. are being composed by using computer. 

In Bangladesh computer has become an inseparable part of medical sector too. Now computer is being used to diagnose a disease and for the treatment of it. It is also being used in all the operation theatre of Bangladesh. All the hospitals and clinic of Bangladesh are now dependent on it. Besides, we can easily take the advice of a foreign experienced doctor by using internet.

Computer is being used in our agriculture too. With the help of computer Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute has invented many species of hi-breed and harsh climate tolerant crops. 

The use of computer can altogether change the life-style of a nation. In Bangladesh computer is already being used in many sectors. But this is not enough. To cope with the modern world we should make computer a part and parcel of our day to day life.