Verbal Mood Worksheet

Verbal Mood Worksheet

1. State the Mood of the following sentences :

(a) I’ll call you later today.

(b) Shut the door and stay in until I come back.

(c) If it rains, we shall play the game of chess.

(d) Never trust a false friend. 

(e) We eat so that we may live. 

(f) If only I knew the answer. 

(g) Had I been rich, I would have helped the poor. 

(h) Long live the president. 

(i) If love be a crime, I am a criminal.

(j) Mother walks the baby. 

2. Fill in the gaps with the correct tense form of the verbs in brackets :

(a) He speaks as if he ---------- (know) everything. 

(b) It is high time you ---------- (sit) for the exam. 

(c) I felt as if I ---------- (be) flying. 

(d) I wish you ---------- (be) a fry fish in my dish. 

(e) I would rather they all ---------- (pray) for me. 

(f) I would rather you ---------- (return) my money. 

(g) I wish I ---------- (not break) it. 

(h) It is time we all ---------- (go) home. 

(i) I would rather ---------- (be) a sparrow than a snail. 

(j) If only he ---------- (tell) you the truth.  

3. Fill in the gaps using the right form of the verbs in the brackets: 

(a) Hamlet acted as though he ---------- (turn) mad. 

(b) If only I ---------- (get) you as my friend, I'd have been the happiest man on earth. 

(c) I wish I ---------- (sing).

(d) It is high time we ---------- (to change) our eating habits. 

(e) It is high time we ---------- (to leave) the place. 

(f) He proceeded as though I ---------- (not speak).

(g) Had the Queen of Sheba ---------- (to live) in the flat across the airshaft, Della ---------- (to let) her hair hang out to dry.

(h) Women could have managed their affairs if they ---------- (to educate).

(i) If you ---------- (to leave) earlier, you ---------- (not miss) the train.

(j) If you ---------- (to bring) me here yesterday, I ---------- (help) you. 

(k) I wish I----------  (to sing). 

(l) Would that we----------  (enter) this house! 

(m) If someone had not mentioned her name, I hardly ---------- (to recognise) her. 

(n) If the old sailor had not killed the albatross, God not ---------- (punish) him.