English Suggestions & Worksheets: Class 9

Probable questions for Half Yearly Exam of class 9 of 2023

SSC 2025 English

Second Paper

Total Marks: 100

Grammar (60 marks)

1. Gap Filling with Clues (5 Marks)

2. Gap Filling without Clues (5 Marks)

3. Substitution Table (5 Marks)

  • Substitution Table

4. Right forms of verbs (5 Marks)

5. Narrative style (5 Marks)

6. Changing sentences (10 Marks)

7. Completing Sentences (5 Marks)

8. Suffix and Prefix (5 Marks)

9. Tag questions (5 Marks)

10. Sentence connectors (5 Marks)

11. Punctuations (5 Marks)

Composition (40 marks)
12. CV with Cover Letter (8 Marks)

  1. For the post of a senior officer/ Junior officer/ Probationary Officer in a bank [J. B-16, R. B-17]
  2. For the post of a computer programmer. [D. B-19, S. B-17]
  3. For the post of a computer operator. [R. B-19, C. B-19, D.B,-15, B.B-15]
  4. Accounts officer. [J. B-15]
  5. For the post of an IT officer. [J. B-17]
  6. For the post of a medical representative [Ch. B-16, B. B-17, Dj. B-19]
  7. For the post of a Librarian [Dj B-16, Dj. B-17]
  8. For the post of a receptionist in a hotel/ in a hospital [D. B-17]
  9. For the post of a cashier. [C.B-16]
  10. For the post of a customer manager at a mobile phone company.
  11. For the post of a salesman in a shop. [S. B-19, R.B -16]
  12. For the post of a public relation officer in an insurance company [B.B-16]
  13. English newscaster. (Ch. B-17]
  14. For the post of an office assistant [D.B-16]
  15. For the post of a clerk.
  16. For the post of a teacher. [J. B-19, R.B, Ch.B-15, CB-17, Ch. B-19. S.B-15, Dj.B-15]

13. Formal Letters/emails (10 Marks)

  1. Study tour/ excursion [S. B-19, B. B-19, D. B-15, S. B-15, R. B-16, Dj. B-16]
  2. Prayer for setting up a computer club. [Ch. B-19, J. B-15, D.B-17. C.B-17)
  3. Opening a canteen. (J. B-16, D. B-16, B. B-16]
  4. Increasing common room facilities. [Dj. B-15.J. B-17, S. B-17]
  5. Opening a common room [Dj. B-17]
  6. Increasing library facilities. (Ch. B-17]
  7. For a seat in the school hostel.
  8. Help from the poor fund. [C. B-16|
  9. Full-free studentship. [Ch. B-15]
  10. Transfer certificate. [R. B-19]
  11. Prayer for setting up a multimedia classroom/enhancing multimedia facility with modern equipment.
  12. Buying more books for the school library/opening a library
  13. Prayer for a testimonial [R. B-15]
  14. Prayer for holding school in the morning.
  15. Relief goods for the flood affected people ID. B-19, S. B-16]

14. Paragraph (10 Marks)

  1. Our National Flag [Ch B-17]
  2. Tree plantation/ Deforestation [R. B-15, B. B-15, All Board -18]
  3. Load Shedding [Dj. B-16, S. B-17, Ch. B-16]
  4. Your School Library. [C. B-19. 15]
  5. A School Magazine [Ch. B-19, J. B-16]
  6. Traffic Jam [J.B-15, 17, R.B-17]
  7. The Padma Bridge
  8. COVID-19
  9. A book fair you have visited [D. B-19, C. B-15, 17, J. B-17]
  10. A Book Fair [D. B-15]
  11. A Rainy Day [R. B-19. S. B-15]
  12. A Tea Stall. [D. B-15]
  13. A Moonlit Night [All Board -18]
  14. A Street Hawker [CB-17, R. B-15]
  15. Life of a farmer [Dj. B-19. R. B-16, S. B-19, 15, R.B-17, B.B-19, Ch. B-15]
  16. A Day Labourer. [B. B-17]
  17. A winter morning [B. B-19, S, B-17, Dj. B-15]
  18. Mobile phone /Uses and abuses of mobile phone [B. B-16]
  19. Benefits of early rising. [Ch. B-17]
  20. Environment Pollution [Dj.B-19, S.B-16]
  21. Water Pollution [D. B-19. R. B-16, C. B-16]
  22. Air Pollution [D. B-16]
  23. Early Rising

15. Composition (12 Marks)

  1. Your Future plan of life/ Aim in Life [D.B. Dj B-15.J. B-17, B-15. R. B-15]
  2. Your Favourite Hobby [C. B-16, B. B-16. Ch. B-15]
  3. A Journey by Train. [B. B-15, S. B-16]
  4. A Journey by Boat. [Dj. B-19]
  5. A Journey You Have Made. [S. B-16, C.B-17]
  6. The season you like best. [D.B-17, Ch. B-17]
  7. Physical Exercise/ importance of physical exercise. [S. B-17]
  8. The Importance of Reading Newspaper. [R. B-17]
  9. Science in everyday life. [S. B-19, R. B-19, 16]
  10. Wonders of modern science
  11. Computer/ uses of computer in our everyday life. [C. B-19. Ch. B-16]
  12. Tree plantation/ Importance of tree in our life [B. B-19]
  13. The Game You Like Most / Your Favourite Game [Ch.B-19, Dj. B-17]

          SSC 2025 English

          First Paper

          Total Marks: 100

          Reading (Marks 50)
          1. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) 1x 7 = 7

          2. Answering questions (open ended and close ended) 2x5 = 10

              3. Gap filling without clues 1x5=5

                  5. Information transfer (5 Marks)

                  6. Summarizing (10 Marks)

                  7. Matching (5 Marks)

                  8. Re-arranging (8 Marks)

                   Writing (Marks 50)

                  9. Writing Paragraph (10 Marks)

                  • Same as English Second Paper above

                  10. Completing Story (10 Marks)

                  1. One day a boy saw a purse/ money bag/ a gold ring lying on road [B.B-15]
                  2. One day a boy saw an old woman lying unconscious on the road.
                  3. Rina was a poor girl who worked in a rich man's house. The mistress of the house was very cruel
                  4. A boy saved a train from accident
                  5. Abdur Rahman was a rickshaw puller. One day a gentle man dropped a purse on his rickshaw [J.B-16]
                  6. Kashem is a rickshaw puller. One day he saw some people selling lottery ticket.
                  7. Keka is a poor girl of class ix. She wants to continue her studies. But her parents want to marry her off.
                  8. Once there lived a middle-aged woman. She had three sons. Their family was very poor but her husband was lazy.
                  9. One day a boy saw smoke coming out from a house,
                  10. Sufia was a garment worker. One day while working she heard that there was an outbreak of fire in their factory. [All Board-18]
                  11. Jamal is an SSC Examinee. He is not attentive to his lesson. His preparation is not good at all. Before the exam he manages a short suggestion.
                  12. The liar cowboy shepherd. [D.B-16. R.B-17. B.B-17]
                  13. Sheikh Saadi.[Ch.B-15]
                  14. Bayazid Bostami [B.B-16. Dj.B.C.B-15]
                  15. Dividing the bread between two rats (Ch.B-17] /cats.
                  16. Robert Bruce [Ch B- 19, R.B-16, Dj.B-16]
                  17. The old man and his four/three sons [R.B.S.B-15.C. B-17]
                  18. The greedy farmer and his wonderful goose 
                  19. The honest wood-cutter.
                  20. The lion and the mouse.

                  11. Graph Charts (10 Marks)

                  1. Internet users in Bangladesh. [Ch. B-16, C.B-17]
                  2. Change of pastimes of the young people in Bangladesh
                  3. Literacy rate in Bangladesh. [Dj. B-15. D.B-17]
                  4. Choice of profession by educated people [R. B-19, J.B-17, Ch. B-17]
                  5. Benefits of girls' education. [C. B-15]
                  6. Selling rates of some books in a book fair. [R. B-16, S. B-15. R.B-17]
                  7. Distribution of household income of a family. [R. B-15]
                  8. Number of telephone and mobile phone users. [B. B-19, B-16]
                  9. Bad effects of corruption and its remedies.
                  10. Interest of students in different subjects. [Ch. B-19, B. B-16]
                  11. Population growth rate in Bangladesh [Dj. B-17]
                  12. Mobile phone users in Bangladesh [S. B-16]
                  13. Imports and exports of a country. [D. B-16]
                  14. Percentage of supporters of different games [S. B-19]
                  15. Passing rates of students in different subjects [C. B-19]
                  16. Importance and uses of English [D. B-19]
                  17. Bad effects of corruption and the ways of getting rid of it.
                  18. Sources of air pollution in a city.
                  19. Infant mortality rate is Bangladesh.
                  20. Transport used by the students [Dj. B-19]
                  12. Informal Letters/ Emails (10 Marks)
                  1. Preparation for the SSC exam/ progress of studies. [Ch.B-19.C. B-15]
                  2. Importance of co-curricular activities. [J.B-17]
                  3. Congratulating friend on his brilliant success in the examination. [R. B-15, Ch. B-15]
                  4. Thanking friend for sending a nice gift on your birthday. [R.B-17, B B-17]
                  5. Importance of reading newspaper. [Ch. B-16]
                  6. Importance of physical exercise. [D B-19. B.B-19, Dj.B-17]
                  7. How to improve English [D B-15]
                  8. Prize giving ceremony of your school. [B. B-19, J.B-16]/ Annual sports day [J.B-14]
                  9. Bad effects of smoking. [S. B-15]
                  10. Importance of games and sports [C B-19]
                  11. Your experience of a train journey. [All Board-18]
                  12. Co-curricular activities of your school. [R. B-19. D.B-17]
                  13. Inviting friend to spend summer vacation with you [B. B-15]
                  14. Your experience during the summer vacation. [Ch.B-17]
                  15. Describing a picnic. [D.B-19]
                  16. Thanking friend for his hospitality
                  17. Advising brother to be attentive and punctual to his studies.
                  18. About Bangladesh and her people [S.B-17]
                  13. Dialogues (10 Marks)
                  1.  How to eradicate illiteracy from Bangladesh [CB-17]
                  2. Merits and demerits of mobile phone. [S B-15, S.B-17]
                  3. About causes and remedies of road accidents [Dj B-19]
                  4. Preparation for the SSC Exam [Ch B-16, R. B-15]
                  5. Bad effects of copying in the exam [B. B-15]
                  6. Benefits of planting trees [S. B-16, Ch.B-17]
                  7. Importance of taking physical exercise [CB-18]
                  8. Importance of early rising. [All Board-18]
                  9. How to improve skills in English. [J.B-17]
                  10. Importance of reading newspaper. [Ch. B-19, R. B-16, C. B-16]
                  11. About the bad effects of smoking. [B.B-16, R.B-17]
                  12. Your aim in life/Choice of profession. [Dj.B-17]
                  13. How to do well in the exam/how to make a good result in the exam.
                  14. Village life and city life [R. B-19, D. B-16]
                  15. Patient and doctor.[B.B-17]
                  16. Importance of education in the development of a nation [D. B-17]
                  17. About your plan after the SSC Exam.
                  18. Good effects of morning walk [D.B-15]