Class seven seen passage unit three

Class seven seen passage unit three

Model Question-1

Section A: Reading (40 marks) 

1. Read the following text and answer the questions that follow. 

Flora continues her story. 

It took us half an hour to reach the school. I saw many students on the school campus. Some were playing and some were talking to each other. I didn't know anyone, So I was a little afraid. My mother soon took me to the Head teacher. He asked me a few questions and I answered them intelligently. 

The Headteacher was very pleased. He put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Good! You're a highly intelligent child. You know a lot. I'll take you in my school. I hope you'll be happy here." 

I was admitted to class 1. The Head teacher was a very nice person. He called a teacher and said to her, "Ms Laila, this is Flora. She is a new student in class 1. Take her to the class, please.' 

Ms Laila took me to the class. The class teacher welcomed me and gave me a seat. All the students in the class were staring at me. I felt a bit nervous to see all the new faces. But soon I felt easy. I could make friends with two or three students sitting close to me. 

A new place is a new experience. So, my first day at school is a. new experience in my life. I will remember the dayas long I live. [Class 7; Unit 3; Lesson 3] 

1. Choose the best answer from the alternatives: 

i. What did Flora see on the school campus? 

(a) Many women 

(b) Many men 

(c) Many students 

(d) Many players

ii. How is a new place? 

(a) A new experience 

(b) An old experience 

(c) A common experience 

(d) A troublesome' experience 

iii. How is Flora as a student? 

(a) A foolish student 

(b) A stupid student 

(c) An intelligent student 

(d) A painstaking student 

iv. 'Intelligently' means --. 

(a) smartly 

(b) foolishly

(c) dishonestly 

(d) suddenly     

v. Flora's first day at school is --. 

(a) forgettable 

(b) honourable

(c) unforgettable  

(d) tolerable     

vi. What does 'admitted' refer to? 

(a) Finished 

(b) Enrolled 

(c) Entered  

(d) Enlightened     

vii. What is meant by 'afraid'? 

(a) Frightened 

(b) Courageous 

(c) Brave  

(d) Lunatic     

viii. What does the word 'Stare’ mean? 

(a) ignore 

(b) gage 

(c) tear  

(d) bear     

ix. What does the word 'pleased' mean? 

(a) delighted 

(b) saddened 

(c) darkened 

(d) displeased   

x. What does the word 'Remember' mean? 

(a) forget 

(b) recollect 

(c) keep 

(d) preserve     

2. Answer the following questions.

Model Question-2

Section A: Reading (40 marks) 

1. Read the following text and answer the question that follows. 

“Don’t be sad, Farabi, and don’t think seriously about what your friend Harun did. ... I know a story about friends. Listen.” Two friends were walking through a desert. After a while they had a quarrel, and one friend slapped the other in the face. The friend who got slapped was hurt. But without saying anything he wrote in the sand: Today my best friend slapped me in the face. They kept walking until they found an oasis. There they decided to take a bath. The one who was slapped before got stuck in the quicksand and started going down, but his friend saved him. After he was saved he wrote on a stone: Today my best friend saved my life. The friend who slapped and saved his best friend asked, “After I hurt you, you wrote in the sand and now you write on a stone . Why?” The other friend replied, “When someone hurts us, we should write it down in the sand. The wind can erase it away. But when someone does something good for us, we should engrave it on stone, so no wind can erase it.” “Do you know the moral of the story?” Flora asked. Farabi nodded and smiled, “Yes, we should forget our hurts, but remember our good deeds forever.” [Class 7; Unit 3; Lesson 5]

Question: Guess the meaning of the following words used in the text above. 

i) The word'seriously’ means -. 


b. happily 

c. slightly 

d.   deadly   

ii) The word ‘desert’ means -. 

a. waste 

b. forest 

c. valley 

d.   barren region

iii) The word ‘quarrel’ means - 

a. promise 

b. contact 

c. argue 

d.   deal   

iv) The word ‘slap’ means - 

a. hit 

b. embrace 

c. accept 

d.   reject   

v) The word ‘hurt’ means -. 

a. glad 

b. happy 

c. upset 

d.   delighted   

vi) The word ‘save’ means -. 

a. spend 

b. gather 

c. rescue 

d. amass   

vii) The word ‘erase’ means -. 

a. uproot 

b. remove 

c. cut 

d.   shave   

viii) The word ‘engrave’ means -. 

a. write 

b. put 

c. hit 

d.   blow   

ix) The word ‘moral’ means -. 

a. dishonest 

b. corrupt 

c. wicked 

d.   ethic

x) The word ‘remember’ means -. 

a. memorize 

b. forget 

c. overlook 

d.   avoid   


Choose the best answer from the alternatives. 

xi) The wind can erase it away. Here the word 'erase' means-. 

i) remove completely 

ii) remove partly 

iii) preserve temporarily 

iv) make distinct 

xii) After getting slapped, the friend - 

i) shouted loudly 

ii) remained silent 

iii) wrote something on a stone 

iv) gave back the slap 

xiii) Which one of the following statements is correct? 

i) Farabi did something wrong with Harun. 

ii) Harun and Farabi are friends. 

iii) A story was told by Farabi to Flora. 

iv) Farabi and Harun were walking in a desret. 

xiv) What does ‘writing in the sand’ refer to? 

i) giving high importance

ii) forgiveness 

iii) giving less importance

iv) kindness 

xv) We should remember our good deeds-. 

i) for a time being

ii) evermore

iii) for a while

iv) temporarily 

xvi) Who is the narrator of the story? 

i) Flora

ii) Harun 

iii) Farabi

iv) The two friends 

xvii) One friend slapped the other-. 

i) in the face

ii) on the head 

iii) in the hand

iv) in the neck 

xviii) The two friends decided -. 

i) to quarrel 

ii) to take a bath

iii) to take a room 

iv) to walk more 

xix)  'Don't be sad'- who said this?

i) Harun 


iii) Flora 

iv) Two friends 

xx) “ ... don't think seriously about what your friend Harun did.” Here the word 'seriously' is a/an-. 

i) noun 

ii) preposition 

iii) adjective 

iv) adverb

2. Answer the following questions.