Class seven seen passage unit four

Class seven seen passage unit four

Model Question-1

Section A: Reading (40 marks) 

1. Read the following text and answer the question that follows. 

Shahana's husband Mr Zamil Huda works in a company office. His firm has a vacant position. On several days he told Shahana, "I want you to apply for the post." But Shahana said, "Please don't insist. I'm joining the local high school as a teacher." "What do you find in a teaching job, Shahana? I don't want you to do it". Her in-laws were also on his side. Yet Shahana joined the school against the will of the family. 

Weeks, months went by. Every day Shahana helps with the household work. Every day she works hard to prepare her lessons. Every day she goes to school, teaches her students and helps both weak and bright ones. They often come to her in the teachers' room, in the corridor and even on the road, and talk to her about any academic or personal problems. 

Within a year Shahana becomes a very good teacher. Students give her salam wherever they see her. Teachers, even the Headteacher, admire her. Parents and other people in the community come to see her at home and at the school and pay her great respect. 

One day her husband said, "You've opened my eyes, Shahana. Teaching is more than a jab. I didn't 

know it. Congratulations!" "Thank you," she smiled. "Tell me Shahana, how you could be such a great teacher!" Zamil wanted to know. "I don't only teach my subject; I care for my students. I love them. I myself demonstrate good behaviour and inspire them to be good. That's all Ido," replied Shahana. [Class 7; Unit 4; Lesson 2]

1. Choose the best answers from the alternatives: 

a) Shahana's husband is a--. 

i) businessman 

ii) service holder 

iii) teacher 

iv) farmer 

b) Mr. Zamil Huda's company required -- more employee. 

i) one 

ii) two 

iii) three 

iv) four 

c) Mr. Zamil Huda wants Shahana to be appointed -- .

i) as a teacher 

ii) in his firm 

iii) as a banker 

iv) in a community centre

d) Shahana prefers to join in -- .

i) her husband's office 

ii) local primary school 

iii) a local high school 

iv) a private firm 

e) Shahana is--to her students.

i) helpful 

ii) loving 

iii) caring 

iv) all the above 

f) How does Shahana become a good teacher? 

i) by hard work  

ii) autometically

iii) by helping the weak students 

iv) by getting salam

g) Shahana helps -- students. 

i) only the bright 

ii) only the weak 

iii) both bright and weak  

iv) girl students 

h) Shahana earns respect of--.

i) her husband 

ii) her students 

iii) her neighbours 

iv) all the above 

i) Who said Shahana "You have opened my eyes"? 

i) her husband 

ii) colleagues 

iii) the Head teacher 

iv) mother in law 

j) In reply to 'congratulation' we say--. 

i) thank you 

ii) welcome 

iii) no mention 

iv) no, thanks 

2. Answer the following questions. 25=10

(a) How do the students behave with Shahana?

(b) Why do they come to her?

(c) How has Shahana become a good teacher?

(d) How do parents and other people behave with Shahana?

(e) Why did Mr Huda congratulate Shahana finally? 

Model Question-2

Section A: Reading (40 marks) 

1. Read the following text and answer the question that follows. 

One day Joynul looked for work in his village and in the next village. But his luck did not favour him. He was angry - angry with everybody. When he was back home, Nazma failed to serve his meal. That made him shout at Nazma. "I had a severe headache and a fever," said Nazma. Joynul was trembling in anger. "The cooking is almost done. Wash your hands and feet. I'll bring the food soon," she said. "Soon! It will take ages!" Joynul shouted wildly. "What do you do the whole day at home? I work and earn money to run the family. You can't even cook my meals in time!" "I don't earn money, but I also run the family. I do all the work at home-cooking, cleaning, washing, husking, taking care of the children- everything" said Nazma."Remember, you work for money but my work in the home can make the family stick; together and make it happy. So both types of work are equally important." 

Never before has Joynul thought about these things. He feels guilty. Never before has he looked at Nazma with so much admiration and gratitude. [Class 7; Unit 4, Lesson 7]


Guess the meaning of the following words used in the text above. 

i) The phrase look for means -. 

a. seek 

b. remember 

c. ask 

d. see 

ii) The word luck means -. 

a. trouble 

b. disaster 

c. fortune 

d. calamity 

iii) The word favor means-. 

a. discard

b. reject

 c. deny 

d. help 

iv) The word shout means-. 

a. laugh 

b. weep 

c. cry 

d. smile 

v) The word severe means -. 

a. polite 

b. harsh 

c. gentle 

d. mild 

vi) The word almost means -. 

a. all  

b. nearly 

c. exactly 

d. faithfully 

vii) The 'Yard wash means-. 

a. carry 

b. bath 

c. clean 

d. erase 

viii) The word soon means -. 

a. later 

b. immediately 

c. afterward 

c. presently 

ix) The word earn means - .

a. donate 

b. offer 

c. grant 

d. gain 

x) The word guilty means-. 

a. accountable 

b. innocent 

c. simple  

d. pure 

Choose the best answer from the alternatives. 

xi)  "I work and earn money to run the family" What does the word 'run' mean here? 

i) race 


iii) manage 

iv) rule 

xii) It will take ages. The underlined words mean -. 

i) Nazma is suffering from old age. 

ii) a very long time will be needed. 

iii) Joynul is willing to wait long. 

iv) a very short time will be needed. 

xiii) What is the closest meaning of the words 'looking for' in line 1? 

i) Searching  

ii) Seeing 

iii) Watching 

iv) Investigating 

xiv) Joynul was unfortunate because-. 

i) his wife was a homemaker 

ii) he did not get any work 

iii) his wife did not cook 

iv) he had no children 

xv) Joynul was - with everybody. 

i) enraged 

ii) unhappy 

iii) pleased 

iv) disappointed 

xvi) Nazma failed to serve meal because-. 

i) she had a severe headache 

ii) she had a severe headache and a fever 

iii) she had a fever 

iv) she was sleeping 

xvii) All members in a family should-. 

i) do their individual work separately 

ii) earn and spend money equally 

iii) live together and support each other 

iv) quarrel with one another 

2. Answer the following questions.

Model Question-3

Section A: Reading (40 marks) 

1. Read the following text and answer the question that follows. 

Two sick men were given the same room in a hospital. One man could sit up in his bed for about an hour. His bed was next to the room’s only window. The other man spent all his time lying on his bed opposite the window. The men talked for hours almost every day. They talked about their wives and children, their homes, their jobs and almost about everything. Every afternoon the man in the bed by the window would sit up and talked to his roommate about all the things he could see outside the window. The man on the other bed eagerly waited for this speaking and listening time. His friend’s vivid descriptions of passing things seen through the window inspired him to live. The window overlooked a park with a lovely lake. Ducks and swans play on the water, while children float their paper boats. A wonderful view of the skyline can be seen in the distance. The man by the window told his friend all this in detail. The listener would close his eyes and see everything in his mind’s eye. Days and weeks passed. One morning the doctor came to the room on his daily round. He found the lifeless body of the man by the window. He died peacefully in his sleep. The doctor made all the arrangements to take the body away. The sad friend wanted to move to the empty bed next to the window. The doctor allowed him. On his new bed the man painfully propped himself up. He was very excited. He slowly looked through the window to see the real world outside. What did he see? The window just faced a blank wall. He asked the doctor, “Doctor, I see nothing but a blank wall. How could my friend described so many wonderful things outside the window?” The doctor replied, “Did he? The man was completely blind !” [C7; U4; L11]

1. Choose the best answer from the alternatives: 

i, There was -- window in the room. 

(a) one 

(b) two 

(c) three 

(d) four 

ii. The two men talked about --. 

(a) something 

(b) nothing 

(c) almost everything 

(d) a few things 

iii. The men usually talked about the outside in --. 

(a) the morning 

(b) the afternoon 

(c) the midnight 

(d) the evening 

iv. The man by the window could describe everything --. 

(a) dully 

(b) harshly 

(c) idly 

(d) wrongly 

v. The man by the window--one day. 

(a) died 

(b) recovered 

(c) come round 

(d) fled. 

vi. What does the word 'peacefully' mean? 

(a) deliberately 

(b) pacifically 

(c) deeply  

(d) cruelly   

vii. The word 'allowed' in the text means --. 

(a) forbidden 

(b) hindered 

(c) permitted   

(d) discussed   

viii. What is meant by 'eagerly'? 

(a) Zealously 

(b) Jealously 

(c) Enviously   

(d) Dishonestly   

ix. What do you understand by 'vividly'? 

(a) Lively 

(b) Mostly 

(c) Frosty   

(d) Misty   

x. What does 'description' refer to? 

(a) Excess 

(b) Exaggeration 

(c) Account   

(d) Annihilation   

xi. What does the word 'Inspire' mean? 

(a) Encourage 

(b) discourage 

(c) elucidate   

(d) extricate   

xii. What does the word 'view' mean? 

(a) scene 

(b) politeness 

(c) heart

(d) expectation   

xiii. The lying patient got inspiration from - 

i) narration of occurring things 

ii) doctors advice 

iii) stories of his friends past life 

iv) his friends song 

xiv. Which of the following was a topic of the patients regular conversation mentioned in the passage? 

i) Family and professional life 

ii) National economic problems 

iii) Newspapers headlines 

iv) International politics 

xv. The two men were talking about various things because they-. 

i) wanted to do something great 

ii) wanted to pass their time 

iii) were talkative 

iv) were mentally disturbed 

xvi. Who was visually impaired? 

i) The man by the window 

ii) The other man lying on the bed 

iii) The doctor 

iv) None of them 

xvii. The doctor managed everything to take the - away from hospital. 

i) bed 

ii) patients 

iii) window 

iv) corpse 

xviii. The man was - to change his bed. .

i) very weak 

ii)very happy 

iii) very eager 

iv) very determined 

xix. Why did he lying patient lift himself up? 

i) To see the blank wall. 

ii) To see the doctor. 

iii) To see the dead body. 

iv) To see the real world. 

2. Answer the following questions.